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BSG mid-season ending


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If you haven't watched it yet, do not read any further:































Spain likes men






















That had to be the weakest episode ever. Nothing happened. Very disappointed here.

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about spain or the episode?


:D The episode, even the preview for next season sucked.

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Oh, but there will be nuke(s) launched...

Right into the volatile star just before Galactica jumps.


Probably 3 of the 4 base stars will get destroyed. The final one jumps and just happens to have Sharon's baby Hera on board.


This week's dramas:

Starbuck is shot down in a raptor, Dee is going to go save her.

Apollo is trying to give Sam orders, under threat of being shot.

Starbuck and Apollo are still seeing each other "secretly." Dee and Sam know.


Sharon is told her child is alive. She is told by her replica Boomer. She and Helo are at the crossroads yet again.

Gaius and Zena cylon team up without Number 6 to seek out the final 5 cylon models


Chief finds the temple that directs them to Earth. 4 cylon basestars and Galactica square off to see who gets the artifact first.


President Roslin says not to fire nukes. Admiral Adama prepares to fire and destroy the planet below, destroying the temple, Apollo, Starbuck, Dee, Chief, Sam, Cally, and a host of civilians.

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