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Rudi Johnson or LJ


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Rudi is a great "matchup" pick but I'd still question whether he scores TDs or not with the passing weapons on the team. LJ will still get his yards since he's THE weapon for KC.


Last 6 games:

LJ- 110 points

Rudi-76 points


Last 3 games:

LJ- 46 points

Rudi- 38 points


The only thing Rudi really has over LJ is that LJ hasn't scored the last 2 weeks even with very good games and Rudi had 2 TD's against Oakland but he laid a BIG egg against the Cleveland Browns. LJ is just better.


The matchup still looks so enticing for Rudi but I'd have to go with LJ b/c of the body of work for the season and San Diego's run defense isn't THAT good. Slight edge to LJ but if you consider yourself a risk taker and like to make lots of strategic change, go Rudi b/c either way I think you've got a great option.



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I rolled the dice and started Gore vs. Seattle and came up big. Now I am considering sitting LJ for Rudi's match-up vs. the Colts. What do I do.



I think Kevin Federline could put up 150+ and a couple scores on the Colts run defence this year.....but LJ vs. LT2 is a battle, they want to show the other one who is the "daddy"....I think LJ could score 4 times and he always goes over a hundy.....start the player!!

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