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Romo @ Atlanta

Kitna @ GB


I'm leaning towards Kitna for the following reasons:

Good match up against the Pack who stink at home and flat out stink against the pass.

Jones is out, so we should see a lot of attempts.

Should be a shoot out because Detroit can't stop anybody either.

Kitna is due for a good game.


Am I crazy? Somebody talk me out of this!

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OK, I'm going to throw another wrinkle in here. I'll be starting Roy Williams also......if Kitna and Williams blow up, I probably win easily. If they both suck, I most likely lose. A good arguement to go either way.....what do you guys think?


I'm almost convinced to start Romo......

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Partly sunny with minimal wind. Doesn't look like the weather will be a factor.


Kitna is like 3rd in the league in passing yards and I don't get penalized for INTs.....This just looks like a juicy match up for Kitna...


I'm over-thinking this, right? Just start ROMO!

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