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Studs didn't show up

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My starting lineup this week


Rivers :D:bash::clap::tup:

C. Taylor :doh::huh::lol:

T. Jones

Driver :(

C. Johnson ;):bash:

Donte Stallworth :fool::brow::lol::lol:


The rest don't matter.


Haven't even put up a decent score with this roster since McNabb went down. Ended the season on 4 game losing streak and now these jokers all but put me out of the total points race this week.


But can't wait for next year :D

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What makes it worse is, that if I had played Grossman or Cutler, I would have actually won this week!


My competition beat me playing Rivers (3 points), Julius Jones (2 points), Fred Taylor (3 points), and Longwell (1 point). But he had LT, TO, and Reggie Brown and that's all that matters.


Reggie Brown actually outscored Holt, Chad, and Gates combined. Unbelievable.

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