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which QB?

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Favre v Minnesota (Thursday)

Leinart @ SF

Garcia @ Dallas (MNF1)


Not sure if any matchups are great.


Favre is at home at least, but the forecast is rain/freezing rain. Plus he crapped the bed at home last week (thanks Brett). Probably not the best choice.


Leinart is at SF and doesn't seem to play well on the road. SF does give up some points to the QB so i guess he isn't a bad choice. Will SF have a letdown game after thumping Seattle? As of now, weather is not an issue.


Garcia has been consistent lately but I'm just waiting for the big letdown. It's a divisional game on MNF so everyone is going to be pumped. Could be a high scoring affair which would favor him. As of now, weather is not an issue.


As of now, I have Garcia pencilled in. Anyone think Favre or Leinart is a better play?

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everytime i start favre he sucks really sucks @home vs detroit he has 4 turnovers no tds yikes, i cant pull the triger on him again.

Dallas cant stop anyone right now I would go Garcia, hopefully they wont run 3tds in again, cost me in another league.

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I don't think Favre and Leinart can be trusted. Garcia can dump to Westbrook all day and has alot of players around him.


Favre only has Driver and he is banged up. leinart has weapons but for some reason can't get them the ball and Edge has been getting more touches.


Garcia is the vote.


See mine:

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