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Pick my offense for me!

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I am struggling to pick an offense...except LT of course...and he may only play a half!!!


Here are my starters. Let me know what you think and if I should change anything. Don't worry about defense players...IDP got that question!


Brees at QB



Marion Barber at RB


Mark Bradley

Chris Chambers

Terrell Owens at WR



I am perplexed at RB and at WR. LT and TO start....PPR league for both WR and RB. 1/10 yards and 6pt TD's.


No bonuses for yardage numbers....and -2 for lost fumbles and -2 for ints.

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Good calls on your part. The J.J. MBIII split is a killer, eh?


What do you think about my post about Barber vs. Bush?

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gotta go with Bush. I have loved that guy from the word go. All those receptions out of the backfield. he will dominate in NY. The big stage and huge playoff implications...he will thrive. Parcells is sticking with Jones to wear down the D and then putting Barber in the second half. But if Romo goes rushing TD's for Barber and I am left holding my peni....if I don't start I start Edge against an improving 49er D or do I go with Julius and hope he breaks one. he had 26 carries and 100 yards first time against Philly. I am perplexed.


Also...I may change Bradley to Santonio if Muhs starts this week.

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