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mean green machine

am i delusional to believe....

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OK, I have Vick, and will start him pending news of his groin.


But, as a fallback, I am eyeing Smith on the WW. the way I am reading this game, and contrary to DD's projections, I see him throwing for 2 TD's at minimum, perhaps three, one pick at worst, and 275 yds. This is why:


1) niners offense has been playing well of late. Smith in particular.

2) arizona beat them in week one in a game SF should have won

3) its arizona

4) gore can run on them, opening up the pass

5) vernon davis is back (1 td is a guarantee)

6) niners def will be fired up at home

7) niners are not yet eliminated from playoffs and crazy enough can win that division

8) its arizona


smith is a WW pickup, over the likes of (by my ranking) Losman, Rattay, Anderson.


am i high? it seems clear as day to me. :D



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Yeah I'm trying to figure out whether to put the guy in for the nice weather out in San Fran. But, who catches the balls A.S. throws ? THeir wide receivers kinda are low on the totem pole.

I'm in the same predicament with choosing between him and Losman.

Any Losman feedback you got?

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