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Another tough call -- none are bad choices, but...


Cincy is terrible at defending against TE's, but Stephen Alexander is coming back to split time with Scheffler. Plus, the Broncos are probably going to try and run the ball as much as possible to keep the Bengals offense off the field. But Scheffler (along with Javon Walker) is probably one of the Broncos top receiving threats.


Cooley's got a decent matchup against the Rams. But I expect the Redskins to use Betts a lot, and not throw much. That said, Cooley is (along with Santana Moss) one of the few receiving threats the Skins have.


The Cardinals are one of the best teams in the league at defending against TE's. And (this is starting to sound familiar) I expect them to focus on Gore running the ball all day. Plus Eric Johnson is back to share time with Davis. That being said, the Cardinals are horrible at defending against WR's. And with Antonio Bryant out, the only real receiving threats SF has are Arnaz Battle and Vernon Davis. And Davis plays like a WR anyway, PLUS he has the most big-play potential of the three guys you mentioned.


Lots of arguments for all of them -- I'm still not sure Scheffler's for real, and think Cooley is solid but limited. Vernon's the most likely to give you a big game. Go with Vernon Davis.

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