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I am in a league that gives you points for TD's and for yardage. Which QB should I play from this list of "stiffs":


1. Roethlisberger at Cincy

2. Warner at San Diego

3. Hasselbeck at Tampa

4. Rattay vs Seattle

5. Pennington vs the tough Raiders.


Thank you very much

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I have to agree. You can't just can't trust Big Ben or Rattay (even though I would still use Galloway this week), Warner's weaknesses play into the hands of the Chargers defense, and no one can seem to move the ball through the air against the Raiders. Also, I'm hearing that Coles is VERY questionable to play Sunday and he's the guy that helps Pennington to keep the chains moving.


We know Hasselbeck has both the talent and the weapons, so even though he hasn't done much with either lately, I still trust him more than I do the other QBs.

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