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Help me pick last team for my division

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This is a weird question, I know. I'm in a 12 team dynasty league and after each year, the division winners get to choose the other teams in their division. It's just like a mini serpentine draft (ie 1,2,3,3,2,1,1,2,3).

We are down to the last two teams.

Its between "Team Discovery Channel"(this year's Champ), and "Hybert's Hooligans".


Which team has the better chance at being worse in 2007?

Here's the link to our MFL roster page -> LINK


Remeber, this is my division (the Blue Div.) I'm picking, so the worse the better!!!


Here are the divisions so far ( I'm Homestarmy ):


Black – Team Duck, Red’s Blue Geese, Team GRD, Addie & the Jets


Blue – Homestarmy, Suds n’ Brews, Eric the Redskins


Gray – VIE, BALCO, Miannie

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I would pick Discovery. Not only is it hard to repeat but he has weaker WR's and will be losing Tiki. Also, Deuce and Foster are more RBBC.

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And I agree with both of you. I ended up choosing Discovery for those exact same reasons!


Thanks for the response!

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