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Yannick Noah

Am I crazy for just saying "no" to this trade offer?

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The owner just cleaned his offer and he is offering......


He will give up

Year 2007 Draft Pick 1.03

Year 2007 Draft Pick 1.11




Year 2007 Draft Pick 1.01


This is a PPR dynasty league rookie draft and even though I'm not as crazy about Lynch as I am Peterson or CJ, the 1.11 pick in the first round could help me grab a WR, QB, or RB since I have the 1.13 pick. My current roster is in my sig below.


What do you all think of this offer?





I like that offer. I would do it.

But if you aren't convinced that you will be happy with Lynch then you can't take the chance that you end up with him.

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Cutler's worth more than the 1.11


I'm really high on him. He has a good offense with plenty of weapons, a proven ground game, and the best homefield advantage in the league. He looked real good at the end last season. I think he's going to be much better thatn what you've got now.


This draft is deep at WR. You'll be able to snatch one at 1.13 that's not much different than what's there at 1.11 IMO.

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