all-time a favorite NFL players

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Bubby Brister :D




well that is a scary choice :D


very scary

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QB: Fouts, Starr, Marino

RB: LT, Sweetness, Sayers

FB: Czonka

WR: Joiner, Warfield, Bambi

TE: Gates, Gonzo, Winslow, Casper

T: Anthony Muñoz, Ron Mix, Art Shell, Forrest Gregg

G: Larry Little, Doug Wilkerson, Will Shields, Conrad Dobler

C: Jim Otto (00), Mike Webster, Bruce Mathews


DT: Joe Greene, Louis Keltcher, Manny Fernandez

DE: Reggie White, Carl Eller, Luis Castillo

OLB: Merriman, LT, The Mad Stork (Ted Hendricks), Jack Hamm

ILB: Jack Lambert, Ray Nitschke, Willie Lanier, Junior Seau

S: Ronnie Lott, Rodney Harrison

CB: Ronnie Lott, Gil Byrd, Mike Haynes, Quentin Jammer


K: Rolf Benirschke


Coaches: Coryell, Lombardi, Gibbs, Knoll


That, I guess is my all-time favorite team! Some homer, but you love what you know! :D



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Jon Ogden

Ray Lewis

Jermaine Lewis

Bert Jones

Curt Warner (SEA)

Steve Largent

Don Majkowski

Sterling Sharpe

Brett Favre

Barry Sanders


and of course, Johnny U (never saw him play live).

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It would be easy to pick an all-time All-Pro team from superstars, but my favorites represent more of the guys that truly made football exciting to watch...guys that you looked forward to watching because each time they made a play, you were on the edge of your seat, amazed at what you had just seen.


QB: Randall Cunningham, Dan Fouts, Kurt Warner

RB: Barry Sanders, Earl Campbell, Bo Jackson, Marcus Allen, Emmitt Smith

WR: Lynn Swann, Steve Smith, Jerry Rice


DEF: Reggie White, Wes Hopkins, Mike Singletary, Deion Sanders, Ronnie Lott, Lawrence Taylor

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A lot of votes for fouts ...which I did not expect ...


I have a tape that was made by Ditka. I haven't seen it in a while, but it was the top ten toughest players, in Ditka's opinion, that ever played.


The only QB to make his top ten... FOUTS! That to me at least means something and goes well past my "homer" vision!


My college sweetie had an uncle that owned a condo on the beach in San Diego. We would go there regularly for the weekends and breaks. Fouts also had a condo in the same (small) complex where he lived in season (he lived in Oregon the rest of the year).


One night we were in the Jacuzzi, and Fouts shows up. He smiled and said good evening and them VERY POLITELY asked us to not talk football. This was a Monday after a game. He took his robe off and my Girlfriend actually gasped! He looked as if he had been through an explosion! :D He was practically one walking bruise, and clearly not in the mood for chatting! We offered him a glass of whine, wich he accepted and quietly and painfully drank. I thought that there was NO WAY this guy was getting on the field the next week, he could hardly move, but he did and threw for 400+ yards! :tup:


I played ball through college and never saw ANYONE that beat up by mid-season... :D or ever come to think of it.


Fouts had his nose broken in Oakland one year. It was so badly broken that he played the rest of the game with guaze shoved up both nostrils. He could barely see and They lost that game, but what I remember most was how much blood was all over his uniform and how he gutted that game out. The Med Staff for the bolts stated that judging by what they saw, he probably swallowed and vomited close to a cup and a half of blood! :doh:

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Steve Largent,







Steve Largent



To name a few of my favorites from over the years.





Harold Carmichael





Steve Largent,





Steve Largent






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Joe Pisarcik, Homer Jones, Billy "Whiteshoes" Johnson, Pete Athas, Leon "Not So" Bright, Jack Tatum, Rob Carpenter, Brad Baxter ...

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I'm only including 1 player that I haven't seen live because he's the only one I've seen enough film on...


Jim Brown

Larry Czonka (while on Miami)

Fred Belitnikoff

Earl Campbell

Jack Reynolds

Jack Lambert

Mark Bavaro

Lawrence Taylor

Fran Tarkington

Lynn Swann



Honorable mentions:

Walter Payton

John Riggins

Barry Sanders

George Blanda

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