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keeper draft strategy

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This is a 12 team league that I believe I've been in since birth!! :D)

The scoring system is pretty standard: 6 pts for Td's, 1 pt for every 10 yards Rush/Rec... 1 for every 25 passing... The norm if you will..


We keep 13 players every year, included in that 13 is a starting lineup: 1-QB, 2-Rb's, 2-WR's, 1- TE, K& Def...


Here are my 13: Bulger, Alex Smith, Ronnie Brown, Maroney, Portis, TO, Larry Fitz, Greg Jennings, I'm between Heath Miller and Schfeller for my TE spot, Rackers and Panthers... I've got one more guy to hold but don't really have anyone I want on my roster so I'm at 12 and trying to work a trade for my 13th...


I have the 3rd and 5th pick of the first round... This league is a RB hoarding league even more so than most... Mainly the rook's go in the first 2 rounds with a few exceptions...


At 3 I'm sitting pretty, I take AP, Lynch or Calvin Johnson which ever falls.. At 5 I'm struggling, my guess is that I'm going to get CJ which is perfectly fine with me. What do I do at 5?? I believe I'll have my pick between Jackson-Rb for the Packers or Russell... What if CJ doesn't make it to me and I get another RB, do I still grab Jackson at 5?


Thoughts on my keepers?

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I wouldn't be all that upset if you had to take Lynch at 1.03. If that happens, I'd try to work a trade-down deal with someone desperate to get BJax and nab a WR or a pair of picks. Pick up Bowe or Jarrett or even Meachem if you are a gambling man with said picks. Done deal.


It's tough to speculate further without more info. But seeing that your league is 2 WR start only and you have TO, Fitz and Jennings, I would be focussing on RB and hoping that Lynch falls to you.

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