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Redraft Leage w/flex

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I am in a CBS League that allows for 1 flex player at any position. Last Year there was a run on QBs in the first and second rounds and most everyone started 2 QB. I stuck w/ the three RB in the first three rounds and started 3 RBs most of the year. What is a good stategy for the draft?


Roster Requirements:

min max total

Active QB 1 2 3

Active RB 2 3 4

Active WR 2 3 4

Active TE 1 2 3

Active K 1 2 3

Active DST 1 2 3


Standard scoring except 6 pts for passing TD

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You're in a start 2 QB league. The problem is that the other owners realized it and you didn't.


That shot QB value through the roof with 6 ppTD. This year don't get caught sleeping.

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I echo BBs sentiments.


While the 6 per passing TD doesnt do a lot for QB values in most leagues, the ability to start a second one at the flex, meaning you are effectively comparing their scoring capability with RBs and WRs, means that in this case it does have an affect on QB value. Granted it being the flex does reduce to an extent that value, it is still cause for a major deviation from standard draft strategy.


If the other owners go on a QB run like they did last year, you will have little choice but to get involved as well and hope to get good value at that position, as that 2nd QB will be key to your team's success. I'd even consider making it a point to pick up a third QB relatively early so that you are not left in a bye week or injury situation where you do not have a legitimate QB option for that flex spot. This is not to say to ignore the other positions, but WRs go way down in value as you only need 2. I would probably not even bother with WR until the 5th or 6th round at the earliest, there will be far greater value coming from the QB and RB position and maybe eve nTE if you can grab one of the top 2 or 3 TEs.

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