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Serves him right.


Man on telephone pole electrocuted


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ST. CLAIR TWP. -- A man was electrocuted this morning, apparently while attempting to steal copper from a telephone pole on Ohio 127.


The Butler County Sheriffs' office received a call about 3 a.m. When deputies responded to the scene, they found a man tangled in the telephone wires on Ohio 127 just outside the village of New Miami.


A representative of the Hamilton County Coroner's Office pronounced the man dead at the scene.



The victim appeared to be have been trying to cut the copper wires when he was electrocuted, the sheriff's office said.


The victim's name has not been released.


A man was killed last year while attempting to steal metal, police said.


David Mossman, 25, of the 2200 block of Ferguson Road, was killed July 12 when he touched a live wire while attempting to steal sheet metal from a large air conditioning unit at the Western Hills Sports Mall on Ferguson Road in Westwood, Cincinnati police said.


Copper thefts have been increasing in Greater Cincinnati along with the rise in copper prices. The web site today lists the going rate of copper at $3.59 a pound.


Among recent targets: copper piping in homes under construction in Boone County, Ky.; copper lightning rods at a Duke Energy Wayne Township site; and copper wires from cables at Butler County Rural Electric Cooperative's Ross Township site.

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Yeah copper wire is a "hot" item to steal off construction sites, too. What a dumas!

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I work for a fairly large cell phone company, and some guys were telling me this has happened numerous times here. I remember seeing atories on the news about copper thefts. I feel no pity for the SOB.

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I heard that the wiring that hooks right up to power transformers tastes like cherries.


I don't know if it's true.

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