Looking to buy a PDA/Blackberry/Phone+Browser thing...

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Looking to get a phone that also includes quality internet strength, with browsers so I can do email as well us updated Fantasy Football...

I'm currently on AT&T/Cingular...


What should I be looking at? I honestly have no idea where to start... I don't need a lot of bells and whistles, or an mp3 player or anything.



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I'm happy with my Motorola Q. It's on Verizon, but I believe Cingular also has the Q, or at least an extremely similar model, as my brother in northern California has it and I believe he is on Cingular


Internet is fairly fast?


edit: Just checked, and the Q isn't coming to Cingular/AT&T until August.

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I'm in the same boat. I was looking at the T-Mobile Wing but it sounds like the service with T-Mobile is very slow compared to the other providers and the phone is sluggish with too small of a processor size. I found a very similar phone from the same manufacturer, an HTC Mogul, that Sprint carries. The phone is a "pocket pc" and includes a touch screen and slide out full QWERTY keyboard. The processor is twice as fast as the Wing and Sprint's data service is half the price of T-Mobile and supposedly one of the fastest and upgrading again in the next few months. Any opinions on these two phones and T-Mobile vs. Sprint?

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