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Expert's League Draftmaster Event!

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If you're looking to show off your draft skills this is a league you will enjoy.


League Fee: $0

League Prize: Free 2008 league from


League Home Page



The winners of any additional leagues up to 3 additional leagues will also receive a free '08 league from MFL.


Here is the basic premise: owners will draft their team and that is it. After that its out of your hands. We will use WCOFF scoring and starting lineup requirements. Teams will draft a 25 man roster and the computer will automatically set the best possible lineup every week. Teams will be placed into 3 four team divisions and play each division opponent 2 times and everyone else once. 4 teams make the playoffs. Wild Card is awarded to the team with the most points not already in. Week 16 championship game.



Depending on the interest level we will create additional 12 team leagues one league will be considered the Premier League (Expert's League) and the other(s) will be feeder leagues set up similar to most European soccer leagues. Top 4 from the top lower division will be promoted to the Premier League and the bottom four will be demoted to the lower division. So this should be a great test to see who the best drafters are out their.


Since the goal of this event is to create a sort of "peoples" expert league. The only requirement is that you must be willing to write a short evaluation of your draft strategy after the draft, why you picked your players and where you felt like you got the most value, and so on for each pick.


I designed this league so that even those with multiple leagues can play as it doesn't require any work during the season and should be a great way to show off your skills.


If you are interested post below I'll be adding additional leagues as demand requires:

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