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Dynasty League Rookie Draft

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I'm about to make my pick in our dynasty league rookie draft, need a hand picking...who do you go with?? I have the 14th pick and here's a breakdown of who's been taken where...


1) Calvin Johnson - DET

2) JaMarcus Russell - OAK

3) Adrian Peterson - MIN

4) Marshawn Lynch - BUF

5) Brandon Jackson - GB

6) Brady Quinn - CLE

7) Dwayne Jarrett - CAR

8) Sidney Rice - MIN

9) Anthony Gonzalez - IND

10) Robert Meachem - NO

11) Chris Henry - TEN


Still two guys to go in front of me, but I'm targeting:

WR Dwayne Bowe - KC

RB Michael Bush - OAK

TE Greg Olsen - CHI


Based on my team below, who do I go with? All though I'm stacked at WR, I think Bowe would be my first choice, unless there is a concensus on someone being better for me. I could use another QB, but with Russell and Quinn gone, is anyone else worth having?? Please feel free to throw other guys at me too!


Guys still left:

Ted Ginn - MIA

Steve Smith - NYG

Lorenzo Booker - MIA

Craig Davis - SD

Kenny Irons - CIN

John Beck - MIA

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i'd stash Bush on your roster, It's only a matter of time(ie, next season) that he's the man in Oakland

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It's usually not a very good idea to post the same topic within 5-6 posts of each other around here


Because some of the vets will take great pleasure in turning you inside out. Rightfully so, I might add.


And to answer your question yet again, with Westy on your roster, your pick ought to be Hunt as his handcuff. Your WRs and QBs are fine, and you can find a backup TE on the WW. TEs in CHI aren't going to put up big FF numbers anytime in the near future. So target a RB - and Hunt's the right guy for your team (and a pretty damn good RB in his own right, I might add).

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Yeah I know, I know!! I accidently posted the first time without the available players list and people started replying to bad! Anyhow, my pick is up...I'm going to give it about an hour for latecomers to give their this point, I'm leaning toward Michael Bush. BTW, Bowe is gone.

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