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Opinions....4-player keeper draft just ended


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10 teams Keeper and my draft below. Here is link to our league rosters My League Rosters Edit: type of league is in my sig line.

I appreciate your opinions on weak and strenghs.


I'm thinking of taking Schaub or Culpepper (Campbell still there also)

Finding another RB maybe Mike Bell, Chris Brown, DeDe Dorsey

WR is iffy with three # 2 WRs, but with alot of upside


QB - Farve, Losman

RB - Gore, T.Jones, Lynch, Norwood

WR - S.Smith, Coles, DJ.Hackett, B.Marshall, J.Jones

TE - Gates, E.Johnson

PK - Kaeding, SBass


LB - Morrison, Pierce, A.Davis, Gaithers, Morgan

DL - Schobel, J.Smith, A.Gaines, Strahan

DB - Rhodes, Hope, S.Jones, Huff, Archuleta


My keepers:

Smith, Steve CAR WR - 7 FA

Gore, Frank SFO RB - 6 FA

Morrison, Kirk OAK LB - 5 FA

Rhodes, Kerry NYJ S - 10 FA



Jones, Thomas NYJ RB - 1.08

Gates, Antonio SDC TE - 2.04

Lynch, Marshawn BUF RB ® - 3.03

Coles, Laveranues NYJ WR - 4.08

Pierce, Antonio NYG LB - 4.09 (traded up gave up my 5th)

Schobel, Aaron BUF DE - 6.05

Hope, Chris TEN S - 7.10

Hackett, D.J. SEA WR - 8.01

Jones, Sean CLE S - 9.07

Kaeding, Nate SDC PK - 10.04

Marshall, Brandon DEN WR - 11.08

Davis, Andra CLE LB - 12.03

Smith, Justin CIN DE - 13.06

Favre, Brett GBP QB - 14.05

Losman, J.P. BUF QB - 15.04

Norwood, Jerious ATL RB - 16.07

Jones, Jacoby HOU WR ® - 17.01

Gaither, Omar PHI LB - 18.10

Adams, Gaines TBB DE ® - 19.09

Strahan, Michael NYG DE - 20.02

Huff, Michael OAK S - 21.10

Johnson, Eric NOS TE - 22.01

Archuleta, Adam CHI S - 23.08

Morgan, Dan CAR LB - 24.03

Janikowski, Sebastian OAK PK - 25.07

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I answered yours ... now answer mine http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=212314



No problem. I'm just back and forth. Since I took up the whole day with my draft, got to spend quality family time to keep the peace, but I could not help but post a "rate my team" topic.


Response on the way.

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any others, seriously.


If this remains a "lets make fun of post" then I can see why no one really wants to give serious input here.


Sad...very sad that the advice forum has turn south.

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Personally, I don't mind the RMT posts, though I do understand the reasons that they are frowned upon. If a person really wants advice as to what part of their team need an upgrade, that's fine. But, there are those - not saying that you're one - that just want to show off their drafting brilliance.


I told you to wake up because it seemed that you didn't understand that Grits was messing with you and it also seemed that you actually thought his 14 team superteam was real.


good luck

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I believe that I have used proper advice forum rules...


kind of league

my scoring system

and how my draft was laid out

Even gave link to my website rosters


If others do not like the post, then do not answer them. No need to lash out. I did not simply say rate my team.



G & S posting his obvious superteam to make his point was not needed. I gave benefit of doubt and gave some input anyways. If G & S did not like that I posted a RMT, then he could have just not posted or said something more appropriate.


I have been using the forum boards for a long time, not as long as him, but long enough to give some thought out opinions.


Sad.....very sad.... that this form has to come to rage against everyone who wants to post.

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