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CJ, Smithy or Harrison as your #1 WR


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Fellow Huddlers,

Looks like the Huddle rankings dropped Superman Steve Smith out of the top WR spot due to the inability of a #2 to emerge in CAR. Am not sold on CJ as the undisputed #1 due to his inconsistency last season. He's a #1 superstar no doubt, but TJ was a big beneficiary of all CJ's double teams. I guess a stud is a stud so am splitting hairs, but am at quandry on how to rate these top (3) at least on my list, any help appreciated.






I love Marvin for his consistent dominance, but Smith has the upside potential I think I need to take the risk on based on where am drafting. I don't think I could lose making it into a playoff spot with any of these as my second round pick, but sometimes the 'safe' road leaves you outside looking in.

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I would rate these three WR's in the following fashion: C Johnson, S Smith, M Harrison.


Obviously all 3 WR's are top tier but I would say CJ is the best this year due to a # of reasons. First, he is as consistent as either of the other 2 in the last 3 years when total season numbers are looked at, secondly I heard an interview with CJ on the radio where he said he asked a couple of his bro's from compteting teams DB ranks why they thought he had such a down year for him. They answered that he had a number of different "tells" as he was coming out of the huddle that told them if he was getting the rock that play or not. They told him things like he pulled on his gloves on any play where he was the designated WR as he lined up, he comes out of the huddle with "excited/big" eyes when he knows he's the primary WR. He said that he took these things into account and he realized that he needs to have a more proffesional approach to the game if he wants to reach the next level, and I have a feeling that the little things he does this year will have big results.


Its a tougher call to say who is better between S Smith and M Harrison. If Smith stays healthy, it won;t matter if he is doubled or not because he is a crazy playmaker, he just has to keep his hammy's healthy for that to come to fruition. M Harrison is a model of stud consistency, taht being said, he is in his mid thirties, and at some point he will start to slide.


That being said I say #1CJ, #2 S Smith, #3 M Harrison( although I would take R Wayne this year because of his equal ceiling and his much higher floor)


The MIck

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I don't have CJ in the top tier. I have him atop the second tier. I think his fantasy value is a bit overrated. I like Smith, TO as the top 2. I like Holt better that Harrison - I think Wayne takes a little more from Harrison this year.

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Outside of 2 blow up weeks last year, CJ was piss poor. I don't agree with the people that say he's going to be back on top this year.


This is the year of TO being top dog...it's known that Romo will look for him early and often and with Glenn not getting any reps right now, I can see TO getting 12-15 targets early in the season on a weekly basis.

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