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Local Keeper Draft


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12 team, PPR we keep two a year



1 QB








QB A. Smith

QB J. Campbell

QB T. Green


RB. S. Jackson (Keeper)

RB L. Maroney (Keeper)

RB J. Norwood

RB K. Jones

RB S. Morris

RB T. Hunt


WR R. Wayne

WR R. Williams

WR J. Galoway

WR S. Holmes

WR D. Henderson


TE K. Winslow

TE R. McMichael


K. J. Casey


DEF Jacksonville


I feel good about my team except my RB death and QB (I know drafting 3 is too many, but I waited too long and am not really confident in any of my QBs)


Feel really good about WR but I usually try and start a RB in the Flex spot and I am not sure I will be able to do that this year


Any advice on how I can improve my team in the early part of the season is appreciated.

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You made the potential mistake of undervaluing QB's in the draft and overvaluing the WR's...that's the only thing I can figure, because you aren't deep at RB and those QB's are going to drive you crazy trying to figure out which one to start each week.

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Just a quick drunken response...perhaps after a good first or second week you could deal one of your bottom three receivers for a QB. I think it's possible that one of your TE's could be tradable after a good week. My two cents.

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OH ... MY ... GOD


14.5609 give or take 3


OH ... MY ... GOD


You know here is what I don't get.


You are such an activist for anti "rate my team" posts yet you insist on responding to all of them, which only serves to bring them back to the top of the forum. If you were really against them as much as you claim to be, why not ignore them entirely?


I drafted 5 leagues this year, one of which I posted, not with a "how did I do" mentality but a sincere request for advice on what players to move etc...


And yes I am aware that this post was a couple days ago, unfortunately I don't have all day to post pointless responses to posts that I supposedly hate so much.


Also you can save your "You have chosen to ignore all posts from: Sigalf03".


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· Squeeze me a little harder Sigalf03


Its old, really old


Other than that have a great day and keep up the good work


Looking forward to your forthcoming witty response (big fan)

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