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Draft Strategy in Small league

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I am getting ready to draft in and 8 team league with a fair amount of money in it. Most of the data and analysis that I find focuses on larger leagues, usually 12 teams. I have drafted in the larger leagues often and have a good understanding of what to do there. However, it seems like things change up quite a bit in a smaller league.


I am drafting 5th and am going through the usual positional debate of where to take RBs. It seems to mee that the importance of locking up the RB position early in the draft is diminished because there are fewer RB's that will be needed (Only 16 will start).


So, my initial thought is to go wtih the best available RB at 5 (which is a tough enough decision). Then in round 2 with the 12th pick in the draft I am inclined to go for WR. At that point I would think that I should be able to get one of the top 3 WR or RB 9,10 or 11.

Round 3, best availble player regardless of position. That has been a WR in the mocks that I have done. That leaves taking my secon RB in the 4th round.


Is that crazy? I'm interested in your opinions. Please chime in.


League details:

Starters: Team QB, 2RB, 3WR/TE (but TE points are juiced up), 1K, 1D/ST

Performance scoring and no PPR

I'm drafting 5th in a serpantine draft

If I missed something, please ask.

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Since there's only 8 teams, it's important to get the best players at each position, because depth will be available later on.


I would get a RB in the 1st round, and then try and get Gates in the second since TE points are juiced up. Then a WR in the 3rd and RB in the 4th.

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Based on the projections and our juiced up scoring, Gates would be the third WR/TE. But I get the concept. After playing in larger leagues, it seems a little counterintuitive.


One other point that concerns me, everyone else in this league has played in larger leagues (this one had 12 last year) so they are all pretty focused on on the RB position. At what point do I start to panic as all my potential RB2's fly off the board?


Round 4 is likely to put you at RB 19 ish (A. Peterson, T. Jones, Cadillac). You could still get WR7 -10 (R. Williams, TJ Housh, J. Walker etc) as your third WR . If everyone else follows typical draft position. Then many of those same RBs in the 19 - 23 range will still be there in round 5.


To put this in perspective, you could have the following roster after 5:



3. WRTE 4: Gates

4. WRTE 7: Roy Williams or RB 19 (Cadillac)

5. RB23 Brandon Jacobs, Ahman Green, Marshawn Lynch or WR14 (Donald Driver, Andre Johnson)


Based on that, I think I would go RB, WR/TE for the rounds 2 and 3, then the best RB or WR available which will probably be a WR.


I realize that you have to take what comes your way in the draft, but that is pretty interesting how different it is in a small league.

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