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Number 4 Pick in 10 team league, Gore or Addai?


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What to do....what to do? I was thrilled to get the 4th pick when we selected the draft order back in June....now i feel as if it's the toughest spot early in this draft.....after LT, SJAX and LJ....it seems to get a bit cloudy after that.......ugh!


Some things I'm thinking.....



-Is the clear #1 in Indy, so carries not an issue...even at the goal line

-Indy's offense WILL be successful....Manning, Wayne, Harrison......Defenses will have to respect the pass

-Addai will be a part on passing game

-Indy plays a tough schedule as SB champs and every team will be out to knock them off week to week (and will they experience a SB hangover?)

-8 games on the carpet....increased wear and tear on Addai?.....furthermore can his body handle another 100 touches?



-Clear #1 in SF.....although goal line TDs MAY go elsewhere

-Gore's broken hand (and fumble problems)....what to make of it?

-Injury history.....knees, shoulders, hand.....what next? Will he hold up?

-Great schedule versus NFC West

-Plays on GRASS

-Offense improving, meaning less pressure on Gore to shoulder the load on Off.....Alex Smith, DJAX, V. Davis will open up the passing game and improve running lanes....plus Gore will be part of passing game as well.


My head freakin' hurts.....can't screw up the #4 pick.......it's really just about these 2 above for me...Alexander, Parker, Bush, Rudi.....all are between 6-10 for me. I mean LJ may fall and Gore goes third, then I take Addai...but assuming 1-2-3 is LT, SJAX, LJ.....


I'd love to hear some comments to get other Huddle GMs take on this.


Thx in advance,



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The three teams at 1, 2, 3 are all in my division....SO I will be going up against LT, SJAX and LJ (most likely LJ)....so is Gore going to be more of a stud to compete with those ohter 3 RB studs or is Addai going to really bust out and become a new RB stud? It's a tough decision....maybe I should trade down? Nah...I need a big time RB. UUUUGH!!

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I like Addai alot to ... but I take Gore. Why? Primarly because Gore is the main weapon for SF while Addai is just one of the cogs in the Indy offensive jauggernaut.

.5 PPR I rank them:








So go Gore. He is the GL guy accoring to Nolan. Scored 6 TD's in the last 8 games. His team is better this season. Agree 10000% with Grits comments. And Addai has NEVER EVER been the guy even in college.

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