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What to do with Ronnie Brown....


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Hi all, back again.


My question is that after I drafted first for LT this past Sat., I drafted Ronnie Brown as my second RB but now I am reading on the net that there is competition from Jesse Chatman. What should I do with him now? I feel like I wasted my second round pick. My team is in my sig. and like before, you answer mine and I will answer yours. Thanks in advance guys!



From the Miami Herald: Decision at RB is hardly binding

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Who will win the Dolphins' starting running back job -- incumbent Ronnie Brown, left, or newcomer Jesse Chatman.The running back competition that no one knew existed a couple of weeks ago is supposed to end by Monday, when coach Cam Cameron announces that either Ronnie Brown or Jesse Chatman will carry the ball and the Dolphins' running game this season.


Cameron's decision on which name he will put ahead of the other on the depth chart is pretty much made now because his chance to evaluate the players has passed.


Neither Chatman nor Brown will play in the final exhibition game against New Orleans, Cameron confirmed Tuesday, and the Dolphins already are finished with their preseason practices.


So the next time Miami practices in pads, it will be in preparation for the regular-season opener against Washington. And it will be with either Brown or Chatman taking snaps as the starting running back.


But all the hype surrounding who the mystery starter will be -- the guess here is Brown, by the way -- misses bigger issues surrounding the position.


It is, you see, not so important which player starts. It's which player gets more carries that matters.


It is not important which player will be named the starter at the beginning of the season. It's which player is the man at the end of the season that matters.


''I think [the competition] will continue,'' Brown said, signaling the likelihood that Cameron's decision on a starter for the opener might not be permanent. ``We're going to come out and compete each day and try to make each other better.


``We're both going to be in there and have the same goals as far as winning football games. So if I can come out and make him better by competing, and he does the same for me, I think it will help the team throughout the season.''




It is telling that after an entire preseason of evaluation, Brown has not significantly distinguished himself over Chatman. Given that Brown is a former No. 2 overall draft pick and Chatman was overweight and out of the game last season, this race shouldn't be close.


And it wouldn't be close if the Dolphins hadn't changed coaches. It wasn't before Chatman lost 60 pounds. The issue would be moot had Brown not been such an offseason disappointment that he basically got his position coach fired before training camp began.


But all those things happened, and now Brown and Chatman, Chatman and Brown, are No. 1 and No. 1A to Cameron.


''I think we have two running backs that on first and second down we can all feel good about in Ronnie and Jesse,'' Cameron said. ``I think they're both ascending players -- they better be, right? They've both done some good things.''


Only one of them will be selected to run out of the tunnel with the rest of the starters before the Washington game.


But it shouldn't surprise if the other guy gets just as many carries while Cameron sorts out who is better from play to play.


And unless one or the other can snatch the job as if it were a Trent Green handoff, something neither has done, the naming of the starting running back might become a weekly soap opera for the Dolphins.

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Until something truly definitive comes out, I wouldn't worry but so much. Brown is the starter and will get plenty of touches this year. He's a solid #2 Rb this year.



I agree with this.


In my mind they just want someone to spell Brown and to get between 6 and 8 carries a game. I would not be scared at all to have Brown as my 2nd back.



EDIT: especially when you already have LT has your 1st.

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I have Brown in my keeper league and heard the same stuff. They are CRAZY if they put Brown on the bench and start a player that wasn't even in the league last year. I think it's all motivation for Brown to have a big year this year. If and when the season starts with Brown, he is for sure going to get a lot of touches in this new offense. He's a great number 2 to have.

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It's definitely weird that Cameron is using such an obvious ploy. Unless Brown really isn't hat much better than Chatman.


Hopefully, Brown will take it to the next level, especially since I gave up Portis to put the franchise tag on Brown! With Henry also on my team, it should be a nice combo.

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I got Ronnie Brown in the 2nd as well and I even knew about this news

- Im not as lucky as you to have him teamed up w/ LT... I have him w/ Alexander, T Jones & M. Lynch and I'm happy (picked 6 out of 10)


I wouldn't worry - I think Cam is trying to be 'shifty' more than anything.


I'm going with a wait-and-see as far as the handcuff.....this is the Dolphins we are talking about.

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