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in my league QB points are the same as RB, do i draft one higher?


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of course most leagues the RB is your main guy, but in my league with the points i posted up top (qb/rb basically get the same)

does this change my drafting stradegy???


if I have 1 or 2 of course I grab Tomlinson/Jackson but if I get 3 thru 10 (10 team league) do I consider Manning or just get LJ, Gore, Addaii, then with my 2 or even 3rd rd I could still get Brees, Palmer or Brady--but with our scoring system any QB could score a boat load of points.......


I'm hoping for 1 or 2 i'll get a RB tomlinson or jackson then at 19 or 20 if Brees, Palmer are there I'll grab either (do I consider Brady here also) then my 3rd rd. I'll probably get top WR Owens,Chad, Harrison etc..........


My other option is if I get 1/2 grab Tomlinson/Jackson, rd 2 and 3 take both highest rated WR Harrison/Chad/Wayne then wait til rd 4 to maybe get Bulger or McNabb ..........which of the two options do you like????????

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I would not deviate from the normal "RBs early" draft strategy on the basis that QB's can accumulate alot of points, since ALL QBs will benefit from the scoring system. I think Manning is worth an early 2nd rounder, and guys like Brady/Brees/Palmer/McNabb/Bulger should go in rounds 3-5.

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Look at the discrepancy in YOUR leagues' scoring last year between the top tier QBs and RBs against the 2nd tier. If, like my league, there is a large drop off at both positions, then taking a QB in the first rd is essential. The year Manning broke the TD record, the owner who drafted him ran away with our league. Last year the owner who had LT ran away with it.


My league scores TDs so that points increase incremental depending on the length of the play. We also do not give any performance points to a RB until he reaches 100 yards (QB 300 yards). Therefore, QBs who throw for long TDs are very valuable IMO more so than 2nd teir RBs. Many of the owners in my league, read magazines and get cheats from web sites and buy into the overriding public opinion that RBs are a must in the first two rounds without considering the differences in our leagues scoring system compared to most.


For example:

In my league, last year LT (480 pts) was 140 points better than Stephen Jax who was 30 points better than LJ.....after that the next teir of RBs fell to around 110 points lower (around 200) and all jumbled together. Manning was the second highest point getter slightly behind LT (435 pts). He was 130 points better than the second QBs (VIck and Brees). The next teir of QBS fell well down the list in points and again all grouped together. In my league you are a fool not to take Manning's 435 points when compared to the second teir RBs 200 points since the discrepancy at both positions from tier 1 to tier 2 areconsistantly so great. The other question mark is that 2nd tier RBs change from year to year (who is going to jump up this year....Gore--Addai--MJD--Westbrook--Bush?. Whereas with Manning, you know what you are going to get. Additionally, in my 10 team league we do not play head to head---top point total each week wins. It is one against nine every week so drafting points is critical. If i can get over 200 points better by taking Manning in the first round then draft 2 RBs who each get me around 120 points for the year, I am ahead of the guy who drafts the two RBs at 200 pts each and a QB at 200. If one of my RBs turns out to be last years' MJD, I run away with it, if not I will be in a tight race for the Championship.


Bottom line: It depends on your overall system.....

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I'm in a league with 1pt/10 yds passing as well. It seems 1-2 QBs go in the first round, and 2-3 more in the 2nd. My thoughts are to compare the total points you think you'll get with a top QB and tier 2/3 rb, vs a top rb and tier 2.3 qb. It seems to me you get an RB in the first round but make sure by the 2nd or 3rd you can get one of the top QBs still. I've been in the league for 5 years now, and it seems RB scoring teams still do the best, its just harder in this system to wait til round 8+ to get a QB like some people (including myself) do in other leagues and still compete.

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