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Deuce McAllister & T.J. Houshmandzadeh fot Holt?

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I have been offerd Deuce McAllister & T.J. Houshmandzadeh for T.Holt


This is what my team looks like so far. It is a Auction League


M Schaub

D Culpepper

M Hasselbeck


D Dorsey

R Droughns

T Jones

E James

K Jones

J Jones

M Jones-Drew

C Taylor


M Harrison

D Hester

T Holt

B Marshall

T Williamson

C Chambers

R Curry

B Edwards


N Kaeding


D Ravens

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I will assume you start 2 RB and 3 WR.


Unless you believe Housh will out score Holt, I would pass on this offer. Deue doesn't really upgrade your RB position. If you are worried about Holt's knee then you might want to make the trade.


I would see if you could upgrade your RB by offering say Holt and Edge or Holt andThomas Jones for a RB1. You would still be able to start a solid WR corps in Harrison, Chambers, and Edwards plus you upgrade your RB.

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Holts knee apparently an issue and he is not at 100 percent ...worse it appears knee could be a problem all year , certainly to start the season ...plus rams shifting to running ball more with s jax ..I would make the trade and not think twice


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i actually think Deuce DOES help your RBs.....you get K Jones, who starts on PUP....Julius Jones, who could lose carries to Barber...ditto with MoJo and Fragile Freddy.....T Jones already banged up......Chester Taylor with Peterson waiting in the wings....Droughns who may not get much playing time....Dorsey will only play if Addai goes down, or get small % of carries as change of pace....not much value...You do got Edge, who could have a good year....Im concerned about Holt's knee as well, and shying away from him...Housh could foreseeable put up similiar numbers to Holt, and you obtain Deuce, who had a very solid year last year....I'd do it....

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Do it. Relieve the stress of praying fo that knee by getting a player likely to put up similar numbers -- and add Deuce for depth. Like it. If Holt recovers and is monsterous this season, you'll kick yourself -- but if he's average or dinged all year, you'll be very pleased ... so you've got a 2/3 chance on this. I'd do it.

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In my league last year which gives 1ppr 1 pt for 10 yds. and 5 pts. for TD's, Housh actually outscored Holt when going by weekly average(16.9 to 16.1). Holt outscored TJ overall 257 to 236 but TJ missed the 1st two games. Most rank Holt as a tier 1 stud but TJ as tier 2. As you can see going by average per game, TJ beat Holt last year. Just an FYI.

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Thanks everyone. I did the deal. Now I have a owner with LT that is entertaining a offer of Duce, E.James and C.Chambers for LT.

The reason he might do this is because He blew all his Auction $ on P.Manning and LT with W.Parker as a hold over. That is his who team. All he has at WR, Back up RB's are 3-4 string. He may be strong in weeks 1-15. But come playoff time when Manning and LT ride the pine he is in deep POO POO!


Thanks again for the great advice

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That for LT he must be in my league next year who is he?


Ya have to understand he blew all his $ on 2 players. Now he has no depth.

This is his team as it stands. He may rack up some #'s this year with LT, Parker and Manning. But does he have what it will take to go all the way?

our Championship game is week 17. Thats when Manning, LT and Parker could be ridding the pine.


OUCH.............Now what would you do?


V Young

P Manning


W Parker

L White

V Morency

L Tomlinson

M Turner


D Mason

N Burleson

B Engram

J Jurevicius

M Jones

R Smith

S Smith NY Giants

T Copper


J Nedney


D Giants

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Hell I would throw in Curry so it would be Curry, Chambers (giving him two wide outs that perform better then what he has got) Mcallister and James for LT and the handcuff as I call him. Then go to the wires get some wr help who is available? How many do you start?

We start 3 WR's But we have a 24 man roster with 12 teams.

So not much on FA market.

Starting after week 3 games we cut 1 player a week till after week 10 (our trade deadline as well) we are down to 16 players.

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Holt's knee really worries me.


You don't need Deuce but he adds to your RBs and gives you even more trade bait for another stud WR to add to Harrison and Housh.


I'd do it and turn around and trade a RB for another starting WR to pair with the other 2.



Championship! Lock it up

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