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drafted #3 in a 12 team league, how does my team look?


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in the order of picks, btw our cbs league awards lots of points for defense.


rb gore 1

rb edge james 2

wr m harrison 3

wr fitzgerald 4

def chicago 5

qb leinart 6

rb de williams carolina 7

wr santanio holmes 8

te dallas clark ind 9

pk r gould chic 10

qb b farve (i figure take a shot in this round) 11

wr matt jomes jax 12

te r mcmichael st louis (looks like a good back up to me) 13

rb k faulk 14

wr craig davis rookie 15

wr kennison 16

def indianapolis 17

rb tony hunt 18


i took gore at # 3 coz I was shakey on LJ. LJ went # 6 in my league

I believe my scorig system is in my sig

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I definitely think you drafted a kicker WAY too high.


You may have been able to get a decent RB backup in place of Gould. That was a wasted pick.


Other than that, it seems pretty decent.


I also don't agree with drafting two defenses. Late picks should be used for sleepers or guys with a lot of upside, not someone that is going to sit on your bench for week after week taking up a roster spot. Chicago's defense is a must start each week and you will never start Indy's defense. It's best to just search the waiver wire for the best defense available on Chicago's bye week in terms of matchup.

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a few points. good team

1) no need to say I'll answer yours, people here help because they want to. you should know that by now.

2) normally Rate My Teams are frowned upon here. I actually enjoy them. I love seeing how people did. no disrespect. you're an old timer here, and i wouldn't step on your toes

3) taking Leinart over D. Williams is NUTTY. GREAT GREAT GREAT value for Williams, way too early for a Leinart. Or any QB if you ask me. I always pass on the tier 1 QBs. The huddle had a great article last year where it showed how the second best QB was only like 3 (or 13 can't remember) points better than the the DEAD LAST full time starting QB the year prior. I always pass on the QBs until I just can't take it anymore

4) too early for a DEF too.

5) you ended up passing on alot of good quality depth, to fill your roster spots early. Remember, a good #3 WR and a good #4 RB are ALWAYS better than a kicker and a backup QB, and imo a starting QB.


great job early, tho!

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thanks a lot for the comments. although we have all done this for years , we all want validation from our fellow footballers. And I completely understand about the "I'll answer yours", point well taken. Like someone else said, I too like weighing in on other teams.

my starting lineup requirements is at the bottom of my sig.

QBs in our league can score more than RBs. they get six points per TD plus the yardage.

Same with defense. the defense can be like another RB on your team. It's just a quirk of our lrague scoring system. so although I did reach a bit, I tried to take advantage of our scoring system.


thanks for the comments, more are welcome. I plan to address any weaknesses through trades and free agents.

like many I go into the draft with a plan, but that plan quickly falls apart when players that I covet are drafet before I can get to them.

the last few rounds of our draft are complete chaos. I get five free moves so I can straighten out a few problems with those moves.


again thanks, this is overall a great group here with a lot of knowledge. I usually look here to get advice during the season about starting lineups !!

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Your team looks pretty good. WR core looks solid. RB is pretty good, but Edge could be boom or bust. I also think he might be sharing touches.


Your weak area is your slot option. You don't really have a solid RB,WR, or TE to fill it with. DE Williams and Holmes are either boom or bust.


Leinart is poised for a breakout year, but who knows?

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