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Ok I need some help with my new local..Draft help that is


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12 Team unusal PPR


Okay, first things first here, QB completions obviously put an emphasis on drafting a QB early, especially since we start 2, but I feel the QBs are so close this year, you can even grab a good QB off the FA AFTER the draft.

But with all the bonus points, it would really pay to have some stud RBs early...and at 2 points per catch, and 10 BONUS points at 75 yards, Wrs are way valuable too. So..what do i do here? i need the Huddler nation to step up here. any advice is appreciated. Drafting tomorrow.


Roster Positions:


Stat Categories:

All TDs 6 points

Completions (1) :D

Passing Yards (15 yards per point; 10 points at 250 yards; 25 points at 325 yards; 50 points at 400 yards)

Interceptions (-1)


Rushing Yards (10 yards per point; 10 points at 100 yards; 25 points at 125 yards; 50 points at 150 yards)

Receptions (2)

Reception Yards (10 yards per point; 10 points at 75 yards; 25 points at 100 yards; 50 points at 150 yards)


Return Yards (5 yards per point; 10 points at 25 yards; 25 points at 60 yards; 50 points at 100 yards)


Return Yards (5 yards per point; 10 points at 25 yards; 25 points at 60 yards; 50 points at 100 yards)



It'll depend on my draft position, which we wont know until tomorrow, but if it's early, I'm leanin towards a Stud RB, and then 2 top WRs on the come back.


If it's late, I might be inclined to go 2 WRs then RB and QB (i could easily get McNabb in the early 4th, or someone comparable) Of course, I could always grab Trent Green much later.

I've learned with this group of people, they draft like they should, regardless of the league. RBs early, WRs Qbs later. There's always one or two that reach for Palmer or Brady, but that's expected.


For the love of god, help me here...thanks

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now that i think about it,, there is a big difference between average yardage for QBs. With so many bonus points, it would really pay to take those QBs early. You need a QB that usually throws for at least 250. So Palmer, McNabb, Brees (and that Peyton guy) are obviously very high...


but stud WRs usually go for at least 75 standing on their head. and stud RBs can usually top 100 easily too...what to do, what to do.


The only thing for sure, is Peyton needs to go in the first (the first time I've ever said that) and LT is still #1, because of obvious reasons

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guys, i'm sorry to keep replying to myself, but i just figured out something...


Return Yards is a KILLER in this system.


I put it like this. In this system, last year, Wes Welker led the league in Fantasy Points with 1426.

LT2 took 13th with 954 behind the likes of Joshua Cribbs (#2) JJ Arrington, and the coveted Bobby Wade :D


not that i would draft any of these guys early, because they can be had later, but still, this put emphasis on other stuff.

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wow, what a great turn out of advice. :D


well, i'm still going to post my draft results, in case it helps anyone. I did decide to change up my strategy, and went light on the RBs. I went more for RBs that are involved in the passing game.


Here is my team, as i drafted it:


LooGie's LonGSacs


1. (8) Peyton Manning

2. (17) Reggie Bush

3. (32) T.J. Houshmandzadeh

4. (41) Donovan McNabb

5. (56) Andre Johnson

6. (65) Braylon Edwards

7. (80) DeAngelo Williams

8. (89) Vernon Davis

9. (104) Brandon Jackson

10. (113) Chris Chambers

11. (128) Carolina

12. (137) Joshua Cribbs

13. (152) Greg Jennings

14. (161) Dominic Rhodes

15. (176) Nate Burleson

16. (185) Tampa Bay

17. (200) Olindo Mare


I will admit, i accidentally grabbed brandon jackson in the 9th, thinking he was brandon jacobs. It was between him and LaMont Jordan, who could be a monster in a PPR league like this. I was on vicodin, and drunk, and...i have no excuses. I failed in that round. I am shamed.


Anyway, there you go. I did change up my strategy, and with Peyton, McNabb and Bush on my team, i'm happy. Not happy about Housh being my #1, but i can probably swing a trade later....


edit: I'm happy with Housh, just not happy with him being the best WR on my team, is what i mean.

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