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Which three of these recievers do you like the best this year?


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Kinda Depends on your scoring system, generally and in this order:


Curry (IF, he can stay healthy for more than 6-7 games), Curtis then Crayton (at least early until Glenn Comes back). If you get retrun yardage then Jones becomes a bigger play. Nothing against Mason, but he is aging and other than the TO's Holt's and Harrison's and to certain extent the Galloway's of the league, I thik that this is a year of big change at the WR a new crop of 2-5 year WR are going to step forward. I think that the fantasy world wears rose colored glasses and get's too excited about rookie WR's, they tend to do well in preseason and get the fantasy world excited, but when it comes to the show, they generally don't stack up or if they do it doesn't happen until the later part of the season (unless injury to veteren forces them into action) if at all. Until then the lack of production during the first half of their rookie year lands them on the fantasy scrap heap and available as FA during the early part of the second half of the season when if the play for a team going nowhere which is looking to see what it has. Everyone is trying to hit that rookie phenom like R Moss or last years Colston (whom almost noone drafted but was picked up as FA). Look at what happened to last years phenoms Sinorice Rice? Even Jennings and Holmes for a good part of the season. Either they played very little or got hurt. Jones is exciting but don't count on much more than a highlight reel play here or there.

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I like Curry as the biggest upside if Dante can pull his stuff together.

Jones I hear nothing of good things about and A Johnson needs his tj or wayne to help him out.

Of the rest i think I like Mason the most he always seems to get involved, but he is getting old, but so is McNair!

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