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3rd Pick....Unique Scoring League...Please advise!


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My leagues scoring is unique.....QBs have greater value than most as our league assigns 6 points to QBs for TDs 1-9 yds.....9pts 10-39 yds......12 pts 40 or more yds. QBs are not penalized for interceptions. Secondly, QBs only receive performance points when they reach 300 yds (10 pts) and RBs need to reach 100 yds before receiving any performance points (10). Manning was the second highest point getter behind LT last year....Vick was fourth behind S Jax. If I was confident I could get Palmer, Brees or Brady at my second pick I would take Gore or Addai but I would be shocked if any of them are still available.


Obviously my league places a higher priority on QBs. I have the third pick and not at all confident in LJ with a aging and somewhat depleted O line, lackluster QB and traditional drop off with RBs after 400+ carries the previous yr.


The next 5-7 backs will score 300 or less pts than Manning this year as is typical with my leagues scoring.


I am heavily leaning towards Manning with hopes to get a RB like......Maroney, Edge or Thomas Jones on the way back.


Will LJ be true to his Tier 1 ranking and worth the number 3 pick or do I go Manning and chase the points. Thoughts?

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To me the question is the drop off from LJ to Maroney worse then the drop off from Manning to Palmer. I think with the Bengals D (although Indy has its question marks) is very suspect. the drop off from the Rb is bigger so I would go LJ if he dropped to me at three or even Addai and look for Palmer on the way back

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So if RB is the answer is LJ the guy at 3. I don't think he has a chance of coming close to duplicating last year.


Here's the thing, LT posted nearly 500 points last year the fourth RB scored 200. Manning gained 480 pts.....the fourth QB posted 250. The discrepancy is nearly identical.


I am trying to convince myself to take a RB but the economics all point to Manning.

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