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RB Trade: Give Lynch/Jordan for Cadillac/Norwood

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Pretty Typical Scoring: 1/10 rushing & receiving, 6pts TD, no ppr, fumbles -2 ...


Start two RB and one RB/WR ... so typically 3 RBs if you've got them.

















Caddy owner didn't want to draft him, said he clicked the wrong thing ... Would you trade Lynch/Jordan to get Cadillac/Norwood? Is that tooo much? Is there a better deal to be made for my team?

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this is tough with no ppr and that's why I have Jordan inside my top 20....


because I go by PPR...


you are moving 2 starting RB's for a backup who explosive but on a crappy team and a RB who has had a strong 5 games 2 years ago and hasn't done squat since (not that it means anything...he could come through this season HUGH)....


I'd sit tight and try to make a move for AP

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Well, I just got contacted by the Caddy owner with an offer of (his) Caddy for (my) Lynch. Now, Lynch has a brutal schedule, but has great promise and is the lone back it seems in Buffalo. Caddy has a sweet schedule, but as has been pointed out, hasn't done squat lately .... I'd hoped to get an upgrade somewhere out of a deal, but I'm not sure there's one to be had in a counter offer. I'd take McGahee as my 2, but not sure I can get there ... Hmmmm ... What would I offer to get McGahee/Caddy?


Here are the full rosters:



(1) Brees, Rivers

(2or3) LT, Lynch, Deuce, AGreen, Jordan

(2or3) SSmith, RWilliams, JGalloway, BBerrian, DBennett

(1) CCooley

(1) Stover

(1) Chicago




Bush, McGahee, Norwood, Caddy, APeterson of Minny, Michael Turner

Holt, Boldin, Calvin Johnson, Santana, Sanantonio




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Honestly, I think you've got a great set of backs. Lynch hasn't shown much in the preseason, but I still think he'll put up solid numbers. I love Deuce. I see no reason why he shouldn't put up similar numbers to last season. Ahman Green is going to surprise a lot of people. Remember, no matter how bad the Texans have been, there has always been better than average fantasy production from the RB position. Jordan is looking better every week. You really have to throw last season out the window when judging Raiders players.


As for Caddy, I can't stand him. Like Avernus said, he had five good games two years ago and hasn't done anything since. McGahee will produce simply because of the situation he's in, but he's the Randy Moss of RBs. If everything is going his way, he does great. If it's not, he dogs it.


Stick with what you have. You've got some great options to complement LT!

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