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Just Drafted My Team Tonight... How's I do?


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I just got back from a four day weekend and my league decided to wait until the last minute to draft......


12 Team League.

WRs and RBs and TEs - 1pt/10yd - 6PT/TD

QB 1pt/25yd 6pt/TD


Here is my Team


QB - Peyton Manning

QB - Jake Delhomme


RB - Cedric Benson

RB - Brandon Jacobs

RB - Jerious Norwood

RB - Sammy Morris


WR - Steve Smith

WR - Andre Johnson

WR - Chris Chambers

WR - Santonio Holmes


TE - Chris Cooley

TE - Bo Scaife

TE - David Martin


K - Matt Stover

K - John Kasay


DEF - New England

DEF - Seattle


So what do you think? For virtually no prep time?




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I'd give you a B+.


QB (A+) - Manning, can't say anything else. Start him every week and rack up the points. When you have him your backup QB becomes irrelevant.


RB (B) - A bit weak as there is no guaranteed stub RB. Benson should be top 10 baring any injuries (which he hasn't managed to due in his first two years being a backup). For Jacobs its not injuries you need to be worried about, its any tyoe of RBBC with Droughns, but I don't think he'll get any more than 10 carries in a game. Noorwood should be starting by week 4 or 5, and even before that, he will be the 3rd down back. I think your RBs have amazing potential, the problem is that they are all unproven being a main back.


WR (A-) - Smith will improve slightly over last year since injuries have cleared up and Jarrett will now be in the mix to take some pressure off of him. Andre Johnson will still be great, and with the new QB, things should remain good for him. The only problem last year for him was his TD production (5). Chris Chambers improve greatly in Miami with is switch from a flanker position and Trent Green. But look out for Holmes... look him to become your #3 receiver by mid-year and have himself a breakout season.


TE (B) - Not much to say here... Cooley will still have 700/7 as he has the last two years and be a top 5 TE. Bo Scaife will be a bright spot in the Titans offense and could become some nice trade bait for you for those desperate for a TE.


K (C-) - Stover and Kasay. Nothing flashy, but old and dependable. Should have lots of FG opportunities as both Baltimore and Carolina will have offenses that stall throughout the season.


DEF (B+) - Two pretty-good-but-not-great Defenses. New England will be great come FF playoff time when teams have to travel on the road to Gillette Stadium in the middle of the winter.


I think you can get far as long as your RBs live up to their potential.

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Thanks for the replies...


This is my third year involved in FF. And last year after the draft, I thought, holy crap, I am going to be in last place. My team sucks!


Well I took 3rd, due to the advice and help from this forum. In Fact I have been in the money all three years, taking 1st place my first year, all due to the guys here helping me out with my teams...... Still feeling like a newbie, I appreciate it.


Hopefully this year will bring a money placing also.


I think with some skillfull week to week play, and the help here, I should do well!


Thanks, I appreciate it.



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