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walking along the road


When you're walking along the side of a road, do you walk with traffic or against?  

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  1. 1. When you're walking along the side of a road, do you walk with traffic or against?

    • With traffic
    • Against traffic
    • Doesn't matter
    • Don't care

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I voted "don't care", but I believe the safest and recommended thing to do is walk with traffic coming towards you.


I voted to walk against traffic, but IIRC, I thought the reccomended is to walk with traffic, much like riding a bicycle. I prefer to walk against it so I can see anything coming at me. Will have to go check up on my road safety information.

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I think the general "rule of thumb" has always been walkers go against traffic, bicyclists go with traffic. Makes sense.... If you get creamed as a pedestrian, it's not going to hurt any less if you're going with traffic versus against. At least you stand a chance if you can see it coming. :D

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Walking - against


Bike riding - with


yes, indeed. better to see that truck mirror coming at you than to have it clobber you in the back of the head. i think in some places it is not only recommended that you walk against traffic, but also required by law. could be wrong about the law thing, but i am 100% certain that walking/jogging against traffic is what "they" recommend.

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Unfortunately for Ramses (UNC mascot) he was walking with traffic getting a soda at the local convenience store and was struck by an SUV. The kid l lived right around the corner from my house and it was very sad for the entire area to lose one of there own. :D He never saw what hit him, where as if he was walking against traffic, he could have dove into a ditch to avoid getting hit.


Too late for him, but the answer to this poll is "Against"

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I prefer to see what is going to kill me. For this reason alone, I do not swim in areas heavily infested with sharks.


If you are riding a bike on the street, then yes - ride with the traffic. You can cause a hazard riding against traffic. But on foot? Definitely against.

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