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I've got to chose from this group of LBs


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I've got a pretty good group of LBs in Dynasty Wars II, but they're all pretty close in my own projected rankings so I'm having a really tough time deciding who I'm going to start this week. This is how I have them ranked for this week, but the thing is I think there is very little discrepancy between the top 5 and just a bit of a dropoff from Cooper to Willams. Appreciate any advice. We start 3...2 points per TA, 3 per TO


Sarge/Darin, feel free to move this to the fantasy advice forum if we're going to try to keep IDP lineup advice out of this forum.


Hayes, Gerald ARI LB at 49ers

Thomas, Adalius NEP LB at Jets

Posluszny, Paul BUF LB ® vs Broncos

Willis, Patrick SFO LB ® vs Cardinals

Cooper, Stephen SDC LB vs Bears

Williams, DJ DEN LB at Bills


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Here's my thinking:


Hayes, Gerald - 49ers will pound the Cardinals with Gore & Hayes will unfortunate beneficiary of that pounding.


Thomas, Adalius -Thomas will be very busy with the Jets intermediate passing game


Posluszny, Paul BUF LB - I just have that feeling that Poz is going to explode early and be on the ball non-stop just as LF-B was.


Willis, Patrick SFO LB - Willis is a beast and probably my best LB, but I think he will take a little time to come around while learning the 3-4


Cooper, Stephen SDC LB- Cooper will rack up the tackles, but this is going to be a very slow paced ball-control game and the IDP wealth will get spread around.


Williams, DJ DEN LB - Still too green at the MLB position. I want to see him produce before I trust him in my lineup.

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Odd that what i thought would be my last pick (Williams) everybody is suggesting that I start. Other than that I think Hayes & Poz are a lock.


au contraire...






... just to make it more difficult for you :D

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All Ihave to add is that I hope Poz sucks. And Brandon Jacobs is a beast. And that I beat you in DWII. :D

You've gotta make it to the Superbowl first. :D





















Actually...we both do as we don't play in the regular season. :wacko:

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Thomas is still a big unknown in the new system. I can't imagine you trust him in the lineup, but not DJ. :D


Willis and Cooper are both playing the unfavorable ILB position in their respective 3-4s.


That leaves DJ, Poz, and Hayes. Very easy call. :D

Actually Willis has taken over Derek Smith's position. So he is in fact on the favorable side.

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So in the Phillips 3-4, the RILB is better than the LILB? :D First I'd heard of that. :D


This whole thing is still confusing to me...


First, is Mike Nolan somehow a disciple of Bum or Wade Phillips? If so, I was unaware.


Second, I still can't figure out, schematically, why a RILB would score more than the LILB in one 3-4 D, but less in another. I mean, unless it's just a matter of the Phillips coaches teaching their LBs to "crash" more toward the strong side in general. :wacko:


Third, we all agreed that Wilhelm should be the more productive fantasy LB in San Diego, but Cooper cleaned up today. Maybe that's just a fluke.


I'll be curious to see how this shakes out -- especially which 49ers LB scores more tomorrow.

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Third, we all agreed that Wilhelm should be the more productive fantasy LB in San Diego, but Cooper cleaned up today. Maybe that's just a fluke.

Honestly I'd heard it both ways...some were saying Wilhelm would get all the tackle opportunities while Cooper would be more of a big play threat. But I've also seen a lot of owners pimping Cooper as well stating he is a better LB & would produce better stats. This is the whole reason why I picked them both up in DW II, but with the depth I have I was willing to move one or the other and take the risk I would be losing the wrong one. As it stands I took Wilhelm too high in MSHB so I was still up in the air on them both before this week, but it's looking now like Cooper is going to be the guy to have.

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