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Draft Over, Pure Playas is formed


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Just had our live draft yesterday, we love waiting till the last minute, so we get the most up to date news. The league is very competitive, adn a couple of new addittions made for some real good natured laughs at their way to high reaches, but all in all, all 12 teams start a good line up.


We play 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 K 1 DEF


PPR league, bonuses at 100 yards rushing of 10 points, 100 yards receiving is 8 points, 300 yards passing 10 points. An active player scores on special teams, you get the 6 points. High powered scoring. 20 rounds of drafting, lots of hand cuff stealing, reaches, mining, and everyone proclaiming they found the sleeper of the draft. I picked out of the 8th spot. Here are my picks:

8 Pure Players Brian Westbrook (RB PHI)


(figured I would get either Willie or Westy, I got the choice as Bush went at 7th, I debated and took the high reward Westbook)


17 Pure Players Steve Smith (WR CAR)


(My mocks I had been going RB WR WR QB RB or RB WR WR WR RB)


32 Pure Players Marques Colston (WR NO)


( another WR )

41 Pure Players Cadillac Williams (RB TB)


(at this points, everyone didn't run on the WRs like I thought, so I saw the last, non RBBC guy, and I took him)


56 Pure Players Braylon Edwards (WR CLE)


(my last WR, good starters, and McNabb was taken the pick before me)


65 Pure Players Tony Romo (QB DAL)


(McNabb gone, my WRs complete, my target RBs a few rounds a way, I risked my TE I want and took best QB left, Romo!)


80 Pure Players Vernon Davis (TE SF)


(rewarded, my TE actually fell all the way down to me, with Heap going 6 picks before him, my gamble paid off)


89 Pure Players LaMont Jordan (RB OAK)


(I like "Jelly Bean", I think he could be the come back player of the year, I needed a back, and he's going to get at least 4 games)


104 Pure Players Ronald Curry (WR OAK)


(Ouch, the pick before me grabs Fred Taylor, whom I wanted badly to complete my backs. I like Curry as a 4th, i think he will produce)


113 Pure Players Warrick Dunn (RB ATL)


(not Fred Taylor, but should get some carries and provide me with some depth)


128 Pure Players Patrick Crayton (WR DAL)


(I don't wanna root for TO to get suspended (Got Romo) but I think Glenn goes down, Crayton will be big,at least that's what I hope)


137 Pure Players Brandon Jones (WR TEN)


(who the heck is the number 1 here, guess this guy has the most upside)

152 Pure Players DST Cowboys (DST DAL)


(Never used to take DEFs before 17th, but I really like Dallas D this season, so I "reached")


161 Pure Players Ernest Wilford (WR JAC)


(David likes Ernest, I think he will be the number 1, why not gamble, no one will take who I want as my 2nd QB)

176 Pure Players Greg Olsen (TE CHI)


(2 picks after Wilford, someone reaches for Grossman and blows my 2nd QB plan out of the water, so I back up Davis with upside)


185 Pure Players Jake Delhomme (QB CAR)


(Rewarded with Jake being there, although I still really like Grossman this season)

200 Pure Players Michael Pittman (RB TB)


(Handcuffed Caddy, as someone reached for Buckhalter 3 picks ahead of me)


209 Pure Players John Kasay (K CAR)


(Everyone needs a Kicker, and it's round 18, why not!)

224 Pure Players Selvin Young (RB DEN)


(This will be known as the Selvin Young Gambit, 2nd back, 3rd back, 4th back in Denver, who knows?)

233 Pure Players Demetrius Williams (WR BAL)


(Last pick is another I hope Flier/Upside pick, the new 2nd WR in B-More, DRAFT IS OVER!)


That's my team:








S. Smith

M. Colston

B. Edwards


V. Davis





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I would have gone RB,WR,RB....


Although Caddy could bouce back, I think you could have had another good RB at the third pick and WRs were deep this year and there would have been many. I think S Holmes is going to have a great year and he could have been had in round 8 to 9, giving you the chance to get a better QB.


Overall a decent team, I just would have gone a different way

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My league is much smarter than that, Holmes was taken in the late 6th. Colston was the best wide out on the board when I took him. The only other backs left were Duce, Portis, Barber/Jones, A. Peterson, Lewis, etc. I thought Caddy had an easier vs run defenses this year and no one pushing behind him also. It was a risk, but in the 8 spot, no risk, no championship I figure.

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