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So you’ve been shuffling your roster now for a few days and can’t wait for the show to start… me too. Here’s what’s going to happen today… some players are gonna get tweaked and the full extent of the injury won’t come out for few days, and while you may have been wondering if your stud RB is gonna score three touchdowns or four, he may wind up with 80 yards and no TD’s. You drafted depth, but you can’t cover all the slots with studs, and one game does not a season make. My advice to you is to figure out what you’re going to do about it Wednesday, but you don’t have to panic and trade your team away on Monday.


Trade targets… Drew Brees. Had a bad game (went negative in my main), the owner has stewed on it for a few days, and you have a decent QB, but not that great. Trading away a WR that may pan out on bye weeks isn’t as valuable as an upgrade that plays every week. That bye week WR is taking up a roster space, so if you make a move and get Brees, it easier to do in a two-for-two swap, where you move your QB and a player of value for your target and waiver fodder. You upgrade QB, and take a shot on the one-week-wonder WW prospect. If you don’t believe in Brees, there will be other games where studs come up short, the owner will lose, and he’ll start to panic. This is the week to make the big trades and take some chances.


Advice on trading. 1) Don’t low ball too much. It’s an insult when people offer ridiculously low ball trade offers. 2) The trade has to make both teams better. 3) Three hit/miss bench warmers are not worth a stud. The best way to view this is from the other side. You figure out what you’re going to offer and look at it from the other owner’s perspective. If you had his team, would you make this trade? Most owners never trade their studs, because they fear they’ll make a mistake. If you drafted too deep in one position, moving one of your studs in that position for another position you’re weak in is a good move… rely on your bench. Good luck.

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