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Chicken pasta with .... well, all this.


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Cut up chicken cutlets

Sliced Mushroom

Roasted red pepper (store bought)

Marinated artichokes (commercial canned)


Yellow pepper (sweet)

Fresh basil

Fresh chopped hot peppers (several varieties)


Broccoli florets, finely cut into small sprigs

Fresh tomatoes

Grated cheese (romano or other)


Pan fry the cut up chicken (small bite sized pieces) in butter, EVO, a splash of balslamic vinegar, lemon juice and diced garlic. Set aside. In EVO, clarify the onions (sliced, but not quite chopped)and sweet peppers (cut into 1/4" wide 1" slices), once clarified, add diced garlic and the sliced mushrooms, flip the whole thing around some with a spatula, add a splash of balslamic vinegar, lemon juice, kosher salt, finely diced hot peppers of your choice (I used a jalepeno and these purple peppers called calicos).


Cook some penne pasta.


To the frying pan, now add the broccoli, sliced tomato, artichokes, roasted red peppers, and cover the pan for a couple minutes until the broccoli is steamed. Once the pasta is al dante, mix everything into one big pot. Add ripped basil leaves, and stir. Serve in a wide shallow salad bowl, drizzled with some EVO and sprinkle a healthy amount of romano or asaggio grated cheese. Add black pepper to taste.


I've often tried stuff like this.... just experimenting. I have to say, this dish was easilly the best experiment I've ever tried. This is a dish I would expect to pay $27 for as an entree in a 4 star restaurant, it turned out that good. Once in a while, even a blind squirrel hits a home run, and this dish was freakin awsome. I've had chicken penne dishes in ritzy joints that didn't come close to how good this was.


I'll be making this again for sure.... and will try some variations, like sun dried tomatoes, bean sprouts, scallions and a few other items, but it's the artichokes, roasted peppers, basil, fresh chopped hot peppers and mushrooms that made this work.


I'm interested to hear from our resident pros like detlef and Bier to see what they think of the combo, and if they have ever made something similar to it. With some modifications, I could see a nice marsella sort of variation on this recipe too. But, as is, it's probably the best original (at least not copied) pasta-chicken based recipe like this I've ever done. Sorry about not listing amounts.... I just use what looks right.

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