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This explains a lot

Jimmy Neutron

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I would think that quick and anonymous internet access to all things sexual might have more of an impact than spanking from when you were a toddler... I think that trying to show a causal relationship here between spanking and sexual deviancy years later is sketchy at best.

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"My hope is to convince my colleagues that they ought to put this in their textbooks," said Straus, co-director of the Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire, in Durham. "It's amazing. Something experienced by all American kids gets an average of half a page in child development textbooks, and not a single one comes to the conclusion that parents should never spank."
My hope is that someone puts a bullet in this mental midget's head. Then spanks him. Unbelievable.


Even the revered Dr. Spock, who was anti-spanking, never came right out and advised parents outright not to do it, he added. Instead, Spock advised "avoiding it if you can."
er Dr Spock was quoted as being more than a little disgusted at the misinterpretations that millions of morons took from his book as saying that spanking should be avoided at all costs or was inherently "bad." Of course it should be avoided and used as a last resort. That doesn't make it evil. Course this was the 60s, ie the beginning of the end of common sense.....
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