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playoff predictions

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as the trade deadline, and the end of the regular season start to approach, i figure it's a decent time to try and get things heated up in here...


in the east, it looks like this right now:

1. ottowa 76

2. new jersey 75

3. washington 62

4. philly 69

5. toronto 65

6. boston 61

7. ny isles 57

8. tampa bay 57

9. montreal 56

10. pittsburgh 53

11. ny rangers, florida 51

13. atlanta, carolina 45


i see the 3 division leaders staying the same, and philly, toronto, and boston will probably stay in roughly that order. there could be some shifts for those 7 and 8 spots, though. i'll predict that the habs will start to jel and get in, and i think the pens with a healthy lemieux and hedberg will sneak in for the last spot. that leaves both NY teams and the early-season darlings in tampa on the outside looking in. the isles and lightning can still do it, but i think they need to find a goalie to get hot. atlanta's been never know.


in the west...VERY interesting. right now:

1. dallas 77

2. vancouver 70

3. st. louis 70

4. detroit 65

5. colorado 64

6. minnesota 63

7. edmonton 62

8. anaheim 61

9. chicago 59

10. LA 52

11. san jose 51


dallas seems destined to ride to the top spot. the first questions...can vancouver hold off colorado, and can st. louis stay ahead of detroit for the 2 and 3 spots? BIG game this week when the avs play the canucks. personally, i think the canucks may fold under the pressure. if not, we may very well be looking at avs vs. redwings in the first round!. now at the bottom...i like anaheim, i think they'll hold their spot or even move up to 6 or 7. edmonton always finds a way to get in. chicago will continue to sink like a rock. LA is just too banged up to pull it together this year. that leaves san jose and minnesota. i'm still not entirely sold on the wild, but they've already got a nice cushion (11 points on LA, 12 on san jose). if chicago flames out like i think they will, the wild should be in if they can just play so-so the reast of the way. i think they'll do it. prediction:

1. dallas

2. st. louis

3. colorado

4. detroit

5. vancouver

6. edmonton

7. anaheim

8. minnesota


1. new jersey

2. ottawa

3. washington

4. philly

5. toronto

6. boston

7. montreal

8. pittsburgh

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In the East I think the playoffs will look like:



New Jersey

Tampa Bay

The Devils are my favorite team but they just really don't impress me. I like the Lightning in an upset 4-2.



NY Islanders

Lalime vs. the Islander goalies? Ottawa takes this one 4-2.




This one could be a tough series. I like Boston 4-3.




Best matchup of the first round. I like Belfour who's been hot all year over The Philly goalie situation. Toronto 4-2.


Out West, it'll look like:




I like Edmonton in an upset 4-3. I just have a feeling about the Oilers in the playoffs.




The Ducks and the playoffs don't mix. I like the Canucks 4-1.




I like the seasoned vets in a tougher than expected series 4-3.


St. Louis


The Aves will steamroll the Blues 4-1. Forsberg, Roy, Blake & Co. will be just too much. Goaltending will let the Blues down bigtime.







Ottawa will be too much for a Boston team prone to choking in the playoffs. Ottawa 4-2.


Tampa Bay


Toronto takes a scrappy Lightning team 4-2. The vets and goaltending on the Leafs are really gelling.






I like the Aves to roll over the Oilers. I see a 4-1 romp.




The Red Wings fall in a tough 7 game series 4-3. Joseph is not Hasek's equal.







Belfour will outplay Lalime in a matchup of the hottest goalies in the conference. The veteran experience of the Leafs will be the difference.






The Aves take it 4-3 in another brutal series. The Aves go back the cup finals.






Colorado wins yet another cup 4-2. Too much talent not to win. :D

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