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Just a few observations


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Darren Mccfadden I thought was suppose to be fast. I mean Pollard, the same guy who recked Brady's knee, caught him from behind so he can't be all that fast. Though he rolled for 160, he was running though holes that TJ Duckett could run though. He also fumbled three times losing one. Impressive numbers but not so impressive given KC's D is horrid. Looks like he is going to be a Fumbler, not good.


Seattle must have caught some kind of hoodoo root when it comes to their wide outs. I mean come on, these guys are going down as if Hitman is in the stands with a contract on them. When was the last time you saw 6 wide outs go down on one team. I would be scared to suit up and be listed as a WR on the hawks team for fear of tearin something up. Enter John Carlson, whom I started this week I might add and came through for me. I like this kid, think I'll keep him.


That call in Denver was BULLLLSSSHIIIITTTT. Ed needs to quit taking those supplements, or get laid, as his hair trigger whistle cost San Diego a win. I don't care if he blew the whistle or not, Cutler fumbled the ball and San Diego recovered period. That is what he should have called.


What the Hell is Matt Millen still doing as GM of the lions. I mean come on. How does a team suck this badly every year and look the same way doing it. I mean it takes practice to lose that way year after year. It's like watching the same game over and over again with the Lions going down early, making a valiant comeback just to get beat down late by mistakes and picks by the QB. Man the players Millen picks just all seem to have the same fatal flaws.


Randy Moss is going to quit. A few more 2 grab days and he'll be walking off the field during the two minute warning. I guess it's safe to say the Cassel experiement will soon come to an end. When was the last time the Pats didn't throw 1 Touchdown in game?

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