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Is it time to shop RB Earnest Graham?


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I've got RB, Earnest Graham sitting here. He's been posting so-so numbers. The only reason he posted nice numbers last week was b/c of that big run at the end of the game. So he has big points fresh in owners' minds, but I don't know if he'll continue to produce. Should I try to shop him to an owner that has some stale/sleeper RBs, or stay put? I'm being offered Forte, but that'll cost me a solid receiver, and he's not ranked more than a few spots away from Graham at the moment.


Also, I'm thinking of going after RB B. Jacobs on a team that has AP and R. Bush already.


Anyone think it's time to put a price tag on Graham? Are Jacobs or Forte any kind of upgrade, or just too close to be worth it?




Thanks Huds!



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I would try to package Graham w/ maybe one of your WRs to see about getting Forte and an upgrade at QB...I don't think Cassell will be asked to do much more than "manage" the game, and Delhomme (IMHO) is a match-up start at best...good luck...

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You are fine the way you are. I wouldn't bail on Graham if I were you. Yeah, Graham got a nice long touchdown, which won't happen very often. But you have to remember that he will also get some cheap 1 yarders in games to come when receivers get tackled at the one. He hasn't got any of those "cheapies" yet, but he most certainly will.

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Yeah, I think I'm on firm ground at the moment. I'm scoring 120+ each week and am 1-1. Loss was to highest scoring team that had McNabb and Turner blow up for 40+ points each in first week. I guess I'm just second guessing my RBs, but feel a lot better now that Chris Johnson is doing well.


I have offers out for Marshawn Lynch and Brandon Jacobs currently, but both involve some sort of combo of Titans DST, Kellen Winslow, Ray Rice, and Matt Cassel.


If neither go through I'm fine. Actually I'd be a bit borked in week 6 with those two RBs on bye, as well as Chris Johnson. Bleh.

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