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Head Coach

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What do the $$$$ mean? You're one peculiar dude.


Anywho, gotta like the Steelers, Pats, maybe the Chargers. I have a tough time figuring out who's gonna be good in the NFC. Don't think Arizona has a chance, besides, they were only 9-7 last year. Giants without Burress, not sold on them. Atlanta maybe, or Chicago with Cutler might improve. Do you need one from each conference?

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Guys my new Dynasty is up and running now i need your advice


This is the first time ive ever used a head coach


The only reason im useing it now is because The head coach represents the person or persons we have or had in our lives that we loved and lost


The league is Reflections


for a win the Head Coach gets 10 points


my question to you is who would you choose as your head coach ....


I never have or never will again pick a head coach as my first pick in any league .


But my father represents my Head Coach


So your fathers a NFL coach, or do you just get 0 points because you picked your father and not a real coach?

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forget it i wont ask for advice anymore


No reason to take your ball and go home. You got some answers, and if your questions were a little more coherent, you'd have even greater success in garnering opinions.

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I would go with Coughlin as my coach--the Giants are still the best in the NFC East--

I like their off season moves.

Others I would consider---Tomlin of Pittsburgh, Belichick from the Pats, maybe even Del Rio in Jacksonville :wacko:

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