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Our league draft - rookie offense only

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1.1 Moreno

1.2 Wells

1.3 Crabtree - I traded this pick and 1.11 for Wayne

1.4 DBrown

1.5 Harvin - he drafts plays that perform well, but sometimes out of position. I think he could have gotten him with the 1.9 that he owns

1.6 Mccoy

1.7 Greene

1.8 Robiskie - a bit early for me

1.9 Stafford - would have gone Sanchez

1.10 Jennings - crapshoot, as good a RB pick as there is left.

1.11 Sanchez

1.12 Nicks


2.1 Maclin - damn, wanted him

2.2 Britt

2.3 Hey-Bey

2.04 Iglesias, Juaquin CHI WR

2.05 Pettigrew, Brandon DET TE

2.06 Scott, Bernard CIN RB

2.07 Davis, James CLE RB

2.08 Coffee, Glen SFO RB

2.09 Johnson, Gartrell SDC RB

2.10 Brown, Andre NYG RB

2.11 Dillard, Jarett JAC WR

2.12 Collie, Austin IND WR

3.01 Barden, Ramses NYG WR

3.02 Freeman, Josh TBB QB

3.03 Ringer, Javon TEN RB

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I think the boob pick of the draft was Harvin as the guy is a Minn homer. He left some good players on the board and he could have gotten him with his 1.9 pick.

Robiskie was a stretch, but I've talked to several good FFers that think he'll be good in Cleveland. I would have liked him more in Pittsburgh, but he could do something there.

The Jennings pick was by a RB lover, never drafts anything else and he really thinks Jennings is in good position there in Jax. Again, I disagree, but in 2 leagues I share with him, he has won 1 championship per season for 3 seasons. So he gets some benefit to doubt. He also has great QB depth.


Most of the guys go straight in line, but a few leak outside the norm.

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