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Trade for Cutler...

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Keep entire 25-man team, even a 3-player rookie taxi squad. PPR, Start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 1K, 1Def, 1Flex


Would you trade Grant/VJax/Henne for Cutler/Earl Bennett/1st and 2nd if your team looked like this:




T. Jackson


Henne (TS)


J. Russell

A. Smith








Devon Moore (TS)







Bryant Johnson


Steve Johnson














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well, you didn't clarify your issue with the trade, but I'll go ahead and guess for you... you give up grant and that leaves you with only two starting RBs in Slaton and Benson and there's a chance that Benson might not perform leaving you a huge hole in your team.


Why do you have all those crappy ass QBs in a 1 QB league?


This is one of those situations where you're getting the better side of the deal, but cuz your roster is all jacked up, you can't take advantage of it.


What RBs are available on the waiver wire/free agency that you can pick up to allow you to make this trade?


Is that Devin Moore from SEA? If so, why and when did you pick him up?


Well, because everyone can keep 25 players, there's not much on the wire. Also, we have a 3 man taxi squad that

doesn't count against the 25. Moore is on the TS for my team simply because I read a few articles where he was mentioned as a potential sleeper candidate as the best upside RB in their crop right now. He can stay on that taxi squad for 3 years. Picked him up just recently.


As far as QB's go, I've just been trying to find someone to actually start for me from time to time. Guys really horde players in this league. One guy has Peyton, Rodgers, and Warner but refuses to trade any of them. The guy who has Cutler also has Brees.


My plan with the 2 #1's (as they have seriously enormous value in our league) is to take a top RB and a top WR naturally. Or if Benson actually does perform maybe go WR, WR in the 1st and steal a RB in the 2nd.

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I agree with Devin Moore and love the opportunity there. It just didn't seem to jive with the implied philosophy of your roster.


As I said, i like the trade, but it could put you in the toilet this season. Frankly, I'd take it and take the chance of having a crap year.


If you want more suggestions, go ahead and list all available FA RBs. Like has someone taken the following rookie RBs?

Rashad Jennings JAX or (veterans greg jones or chauncey washington in JAX)

Cedric Peerman BAL

Arian Foster HOU

Ian Johnson MN

Mike Goodson CAR


There has to be some RBs worth taking a chance on and if you need roster space, I'd drop:



T. Jackson

A. Smith


You start 1 QB and with Cutler, McNabb and Rosenfels, you're more than set. Heck, you'll only play Rosenfels on a very rare occassion where weather, injury, and/or matchup says to. The rest of the QBs are not only dead weight, they're preventing you from taking a chance on some potential high-risk/high-reward players.


Heck, I'd rather have Jamall Lee CAR RB than any of those QBs :wacko:


I don't have McNabb, although it doesn't really matter. Here's the list of rookie FA RBs.

T.Fiammeta Car

A.Foster Hou

Jer. Johnson Hou

Q. Johnson GB

C. Ogbonnaya STL

K.Sheets SFO

L. Stevens-Howling Ari

Fui Vakapuna Cin

Javarris Williams KC


Can't find Ian Johnson on a roster or on the the wire...

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my stupid. Still, I'd be comfortable rolling with Cutler and using Rosenfels on his bye-week.



I believe Ian Johnson was an undrafted free agent (udfa) just like Foster, Johnson, Sheets were, so I'm surprised that they're listed but he's not. I'd grab the following off the wire in the following order, taking at least three of them:


Javarris Williams KC

A.Foster Hou

C. Ogbonnaya STL

K.Sheets SFO

L. Stevens-Howling Ari

Jer. Johnson Hou


Is Bernard Scott taken? He's the kid with lots of talent and lots of off-field issues that CIN picked up. If he can get his head straight, he'll be replacing or at least RBBCing with Benson in no time.


I would pick up some of these guys even if you don't make the trade.


Ok I picked up Williams, Foster, and Ogbonnaya and Scott is on another team's roster.

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