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So I was watching dog diving on ESPN8 the other night


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Since I hate the NBA and NHL and nothing is on this time of year, the dog diving was the best thing around. You know the drill...they have a swimming pool and the owner/handler throws a toy and you see how far the dog jumps. There were 5 labs in the competition, 3 black labs, a chocolate lab and a golden retriever.


First attempt and the 4 labs jump their usual 23-25 feet. Good doggies. The golden retriever, who on the outside looked perfectly normal but was an evil genius on the inside, decided not to jump. The guy threw the toy and he walks around the pool to the other side to retrieve the toy without getting wet. I chuckle.


So the second attempt rolls around and the 4 labs again jump their 23-25 feet. Nice pups. The golden retriever starts out at a furious pace, the guy throws the toy and the pup pulls up just short of the pool. This time he jumps in about 3 feet, leisurely swims out and retrieves the toy. I'm cracking up (I'm easily amused).


Score after 2 heats are 4 labs 23-25 feet, golden retriever 3 feet. ESPN Ocho had graphics and everything. :D


Now, not being an expert at this event at all, little did I know the longest jump of the three wins the event. You know where this is heading? The golden retriever on it's last attempt decides to soar about 20 feet in the air, grabs the toy at it's height and outjumps the other 4 dogs by at least 2 feet and wins the event. F'n hilarious. :wacko:


Kudos to you, Golden Retriever.

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The crazy thing is those dogs do that without prompting. They love that stuff. We have a golden pup (8 months) that just for the hell of it will jump into our pool and cover about 2/3 of the 30+ feet in length. She nearly jumps across the width of the pool with no running start. The dog will just go out and swim around in the pool for no good reason too. Just loves the water.

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