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Top 10 all-time "clutch" QBs


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Favre would likely be more entertaining to watch at QB this year than Aaron Rodgers. In the end, though, the Packers season would conclude with another collective slap of the forehead by Packer fans, setting off seismic alarms all over Chesseheadland, as Favre threw another "What was he thinking?" interception to crush the hopes of his cult-like following yet again. Blasphemy, you say? You dare question the great and powerful Favre? Let's take a look at how Green Bay has exited the playoffs since their last trip to the Super Bowl in January 1998 (props to Pro-Football-Reference.com for the numbers):



Jan 3, 1999 (Wildcard - SF): Favre throws two picks along with two touchdowns in a very average playoff performance as the Packers lose to the Niners on TO's touchdown catch over a helpless GB secondary as time runs down. We were at the end of the Holmgren era here, so Favre hadn't yet abandoned all discipline in the clutch and adopted the mad gunslinger style that loses numerous playoff games over the decade to follow.

Jan 20, 2002 (Divisional - StL): Favre has what should go down as one of the worst playoff performances by a QB in the history of the game. He throws for 281 yards and two touchdowns. Solid game, right? Oh, don't forget the SIX picks he threw. That's right, gunslinger Brett throws SIX picks on the way to a 45-17 embarrassment. Give the guy a break... you know he couldn't have thrown those two exciting touchdown passes if he wasn't taking chances. "Who gives the Packers a better chance to win?", the media asks. Favre proves time and again that he can't get it done. Any chance with Rodgers is better than the certainty of failure with Favre.

Jan 4, 2003 (Wildcard - Atl): Favre completes less than 50% of his passes on his way to 1 TD, 2 picks, a 54.4 passer rating, and a 27-7 loss to an Atlanta team benefitting from the insanely athletic play of a Mike Vick who hadn't yet shown an interest in running his own puppy Auschwitz.

Jan 11, 2004 (Divisional - Phi): There's enough blame to go around in this one, although everyone who deserved it never got any (Sherman, Favre, Bhawoh Jue) and the defensive coordinator they ran out of town turned Atlanta into a top 10 defense the very next year. The banner year of the Mike Sherman mistake in every sense. After Sherman refuses to go for a fourth and short on Philadelphia's half of the field that would have allowed Green Bay to run the clock out, the Packers punt, leading to the infamous 4th and 26 completion to "thank god for my hands" Freddie "Hollywood" Mitchell in the only catch he made in his career that meant anything, followed by the Eagles knotting things up and sending it to overtime... followed by what was probably the worst pass Favre ever threw, given the wounded duck nature of the throw, the lack of any receiver in the general vicinity, and the circumstance. Overtime, Packers ball, Favre drops back and chucks it downfield, and there's nobody home from Green Bay. An exchange student staying with us that year stood up and cheered when the Eagles defensive back caught the ball, thinking that was who Favre meant to throw it to. 180 yards, two touchdowns, and one inexplicable interception at the most inopportune time that dashed any hope for victory.

Jan 9, 2005 (Wildcard - Min): Remembered as the game where Randy Moss, after catching the game clinching touchdown, showed the Green Bay crowd the posterior that he intended to bury his head in for the next two years in Oakland. Another Favre clunker as the Packers lose 31-17 on his 55.4 rated day. The final tally of four interceptions to a single touchdown for Favre makes one wonder after all why releasing Favre to the Vikings isn't in the best interest of the organization. Food for thought.


Jan 20, 2008 (NFC Championship - NYG): After his renaissance year in which the national media forget about his long history of tanking in the playoffs, Favre provides the reminder to all with an overtime interception on a badly conceived and executed throw that seals the Packers' exit. Beyond that throw he was mediocre as the Packers failed to mount any real offense whatsover in the second half of the game. And don't tell me it was the weather. The weather didn't bother the unflappable Eli Manning as he led his offense down the field a couple of times in the second half to force overtime.


This was written PRIOR to last year as well, when his boneheaded INT sunk the NY Jets chances of winning the division

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How about the int against the Rams in overtime in the playoffs before that? How about his last-minute interception this year with the Jets that cost them a chance at their division? He's done it throughout his career...there's a reason why he's the NFL's all-time leader in interceptions, and it's not because he's "clutch." Being clutch is the exact opposite of a person who makes critical errors in judgement.

You might benefit from reading the entire thread before responding. BB has come around that Favre's last 6 yrs or so have kinda nudged him off the list.

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