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I wasn't going to do this, but...


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I had a "grabber" last Thursday. It only lasted for 2-3 seconds, but was enough to send me to the ER. My BP was high. They did their tests and said all was fine, but I needed to consult a Cardiologist. Of course he said I needed a 'stress test', so I complied. It is scheduled for this Thursday. In the mean time I had a massive gout attack! :wacko: From Sat. to Mon. I couldn't fackin' walk. I took a pain pill that my knee doc gave me, and 3 hours later I was pretty good, but That pill gives me major intestinal distress. Went to the Podiatrist and he gave me some steroids that I will start tomorrow.

Sorry for asking but I think I need some "Huddle Mojo". :D

Please! Sorry to ask, but....


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You can have my mojo, but it's a little sticky.


Good luck bro and I hope all turns out well or gets well quickly.


C'mon, now...Tom needs a prayer, not bad poetry.


I'd bet that God will back me up on that one. Or, at least I asked Him if He would when I was telling Hm about you.

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my late stepdad (born the same year as you, tom) had bouts with gout. you'd have to know how he was to really get the full humorous effect, but one of his famous quotes was that gout was 10 times more painful than childbirth. :wacko: in any case, I'm sure it ain't fun. my thoughts are with you.


and take care of that ticker!

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