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What should I offer for Moreno or should I wait?

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Scoring is PPR, with +5 bonus for 100 rush/rec yds and/or +5 bonus for 300 pass yds.

We start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1Def and 1 Flex

This is a full team keeper with a max roster of 25 and a 3 player taxi squad for players with less than 3 years in the league.

Rosters are over the limits right now because the cut isn't due until the start of the preseason.


My Roster:

QB: Cutler, Russell, Rosenfels, Vick

RB: Benson, Betts, Javarris Williams, Devin Moore, Chris Ogbonnaya, Arian Foster

WR: Royal, Bennett, Nicks, Berrian, Bradley, Schilens, Sweed, Avant, Bryant Johnson, Steve Johnson, Dominque Edison, Brandon Gibson, Kenny McKinley, Marko Mitchell

TE: Boss, V.Davis, Scheffler

K: Akers

D: Cards, Jags

2010 picks: 1st, 1st, 1st ( predict 2 in top 3, plus 1 in bottom 3), 2nd, 2nd, 2nd (Predict top 3, top 6, and bottom 3), 3rd, 3rd ( both top 4)


Guy w/Moreno's Roster:

QB:Farve, Rodgers, Sanchez, V.Young

RB: Moreno, J.Lewis, K.Smith, Fargas, Hightower, McClain, F. Taylor, James Davis, Bernard Scott

WR: Avery, Bess, Crabtree, W.Franklin, M.Hass, D.Henderson, C.Henry, D.Jarrett, James Jones, S.Smith (Giants)

TE: Keller, Pettigrew, Jared Cook


D: Bears, Ravens

2010 picks: 4th, 5th only (both top 3 picks in the last rounds)


I like Moreno, and I could certainly use a RB for sure. Should I just eat this season and wait to draft two top rookie RB's in next year's draft? Or do you see something here that he may like for Moreno? He thinks Bernard Scott is the second coming so I don't think getting Benson's handcuff is reasonable as the price is too high. I'm open to ideas.

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Your team is god awful. Like a real NFL team, you should be careful trading picks. 1 or 2 guys will not help you.


Keep your picks and add good young talent over the next couple of seasons.


I inherited a team in a 12 owner dynasty league three years ago that was worse than yours and had absolutely nothing worth keeping except Hasselbeck. You can start 3 RB's in my league as well. I have been able to draft well in that time(DeAngelo, Forte). Also, I got lucky on a couple of guys that were unwanted backups when I drafted them(Brandon Jacobs, Marion Barber). I could take more chances in free agency(Schaub, Colston) because I had so few spots that were set in stone. I won the league this past season after finishing dead last and almost giving up that first year.


Give it some time, be patient, and it will feel much better to win when it all comes together for you.

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Don't sell you soul on a rebuild. You have to have patience and be willing to gut it out for 2-3 years in a take-over. Trust me. Secure draft picks and you'll be just fine.


Agree with the others...be patient. I really see nothing that could interest him for Moreno.

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I had Slaton on this team before. I decided to trade him for Royal, Nicks, Sweed, 1st, 3rd, 3rd. Which I thought was a great deal considering that 1st should be minimum top 5. Opie and I have talked about this on the site before. Then he does this...


Trades Slaton, Lavelle Hawkins, and Mike Thomas for James Davis, Bernard Scott, Davone Bess, Steve Smith (NY), Pettigrew, Ravens


I thought that I got way more value out of Slaton than he did. Plus he's "rebuilding" and has no picks. This is why I thought he might be susceptible to a trade of some sort.


Another note, people consider 1st round rookie picks in this league to have enormous value. Unproven talent, I know, but they are nuts when it comes to them. Example, he drafted Moreno with 1.02 in this year's rookie draft. Now, however it takes several 1st's and Royal to get him?


Also, since he has bernard scott, I offered Benson and a 2nd, 5th to him, and instead of out and out rejecting it, he replied "Moreno is worth at least a 1st?"

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So if I ride out this season and finish near the bottom as I expect, then the picks I have no longer have deferred value and inherently become much more valuable. Clearly, this is the best strategy then. I expect the picks I have to be 1.01, 1.03, and 1.10. Then 2.01, 2.05, 2.10. I should be able to get 2 top rookie RB's next year then, right?

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