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lol Clarence


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This is about the Supreme Court decision that school officials can't force a student out of their underwear for suspicion of carrying a few tylenol.




In a dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas found the search legal and said the court previously had given school officials "considerable leeway" under the Fourth Amendment in school settings.


Officials had searched the girl's backpack and found nothing, Thomas said. "It was eminently reasonable to conclude the backpack was empty because Redding was secreting the pills in a place she thought no one would look," Thomas said.


Thomas warned that the majority's decision could backfire. "Redding would not have been the first person to conceal pills in her undergarments," he said. "Nor will she be the last after today's decision, which announces the safest place to secrete contraband in school."


First of all... if a student is carrying a quantity of drugs that represents a danger to the school in their underwear... you're probably going to detect it on a pat down.


Second... it's "reasonable" to assume that if you don't find drugs in a backpack, then they must be in the underwear?? Did you just shoot the founding fathers in the face? Clearly... this is not "reasonable", because after the strip search, they STILL didn't find any Advil on her. This guy is on the Supreme Court with reasoning ability like that?


Third... why is Clarence Thomas breaking out on his own to put opinions about undergarments on the record. :wacko: He's not helping his reputation.

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