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Time to lock up my keepers.

DO Jaded

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2nd year of a Keeper league. Normal performance scoring, non-PPR, long TDs earn 2-6 bonus points. 17 slot rosters. Start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR/TE, 1Flex, 1K, 1Def, 1Head Coach

You have to keep 3, costing the round just prior to the round they were selected ther previous year. FAs count as Round 11 draftees, so they cost round 10 pick. Two players kept that cost the same round will eat up the previous round. Example, I can keep Schaub and Moore for my 10th and 9th pick. I also have an option to keep a 4th, if I want. I didn't list the Kickers or HCs, nor Portis, whom I drafted in round 1 so he can't be kept.


Here are my options.


Lewis, Jamal CLE RB For 1st

Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB For 2nd

Holmes, Santonio PIT WR For 3rd

Graham, Earnest TBB RB For 4th

White, Roddy ATL WR For 5th

Johnson, Chris TEN RB For 6th

Delhomme, Jake CAR QB For 9th

Royal, Eddie DEN WR For 10th

Walter, Kevin HOU WR For 10th

Moore, Lance NO WR For 10th

Schaub, Matt HOU For 10th

Flacco, Joe BAL QB For 10th

Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def For 16th


I'm currently going with White, Johnson and Schaub, and using my 4th option for Bal (round 16 for the #1 D is pretty good). Did I miss the mark?

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i'd consider keeping these guys too

Royal, Eddie DEN WR For 10th

Walter, Kevin HOU WR For 10th

Moore, Lance NO WR For 10th


Well, I can only keep a total of 4, so if I keep one of the above, which one on my list do I 'not' keep for them? I actually looked at keeping one of those three instead of White, but White's season looks too stellar to me, even with the 5th round pick. I could keep on over Schaub, but figured he would be taken in the 8th or 9th (remember, long TDs can count big and he and AJ are good for those) but would still be able to snag one of the WRs you mention come the 9th or even 11th round.

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I didn't give you a solid answer cuz I've never played in a league like yours with such scoring, so I just tossed out some possible keepers.


I love Eddie Royal, but maybe Moore would be better for your format?


I should think that White would go in the first four rounds of any format, so I'm confused as to how you got him in the 6th last year and think that a 5th is a bargain for him.

Our scoring isn't all that different than most of the other leagues I'm in, including the various Huddle leagues. The only difference is we have to start a HC (5 points if their team wins) and long TD (over 20 yds) can gain extra points beyond the base 6. A 60+ yd td is worth 12 points, with QBs getting 9 for the passing TD over 60.

White was still a bit of a sleeper going into last season, so 6th was about right. This season is different and I'd expect him to go by the late 3rd in a 12 team league.

If Cutler was still in Den, I'd keep Royal over Schaub.

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